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You are right - there were errors in that recipe.  They have been corrected.  Please go back to this month's recipes and note the corrections. 

I try very hard to input all recipes with the utmost care; unfortunately this one slipped by me.

I made this recipe this past Sunday.  It was delicious.  I hope if you already had a fiasco with the Pastitsio, that you will give it another chance with the corrected recipe.

Sorry again.


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See Dr. Hull's articles
Cortisol - Is NOT a Nasty Little Hormone
What is Cortisol?, and
Natural Ways to Suppress Cortisol Levels
for more information.


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I, too, have diabetes.  I find that my body tolerates NATURAL sugars pretty well.  See Dr. Hull's September newsletter, RECIPES, for a list of Sugar Substitutes.


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Ester - if you ask your questions, via this forum, Dr. Hull will respond to them

Done and I'm so sorry we missed it during edits.  Sometimes our "booboos" are quite embarrassing and we are always grateful to readers who point these mistakes out to us.  Thank you so much.


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I'm not a big advocate for pharmaceuticals, but I have several friends who have quit smoking with Chantix.

see Dr Hull's article on cholesterol


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Brittney_Jewel I have been diabetic since 1989 and I use Sweet 'n Low.  Saccharin is the safest sweetener substitute.  But I only use it in my 1-2 cups of coffee a day and my one glass of iced tea at dinner (I only put 4 packets into a little better than half a gallon of tea, I don't add it by the glass).  I think your grandmother is using Splenda to fix her addiction to "sweets".  If your grandmother gets her sweet from natural foods rather than from cakes, cookies and pies she won't miss the sugary sweets.  There are plenty of naturally sweet foods like fruits and natural sweeteners like honey and molasses available. 

Unfortunately the American Diabetes Association endorses Splenda and Aspartame as evidenced by their use of it in most recipes published in their magazines.  This sends the wrong message to diabetics. This is true of most "diabetic" recipes for desserts.  Honey and molasses are wonderful substitutes and much better for diabetics.

Go to the detox section of this Website, Dr. Hull has listed all the vitamins that will remove the toxins from your body, tissues and bloodstream along with many FAQs about detoxing your body from chemical sweeteners. The good news is that the toxins can be out of your body in one month to six weeks.


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Bless your heart - I'm sure that someone, if not many, will be helped by your sharing your experience.  Thank you.

I think you are absolutely right that the artificial sweeteners have and are causing your new symptoms.  Check out this list of 92 symptoms that was published in 1995 http://www.sweetpoison.com/articles/070 … ubmit.html

The product to which you are referring is LIVERTONE.  Dr. Hull is writing another article for June's newsletter about this product.  Also, go to the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES TAB at the top of her site and click on VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS.


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Check out this link.