Of course - puppies and dogs don't "brush their teeth" like humans do - they clean them by gnawing on real bones. So, buy a bone from your butcher, and let him chew away.

I like your post that skin care is a marathon and not a sprint. That applies to so many topics within health and wellness.


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That's well said. Humans have designed "diets", prepackaged foods, diet products, etc for profit - period. There is a book called The Cave Man's Diet, which has some great and very basic principals in it. It is more the natural diet for carnivores. Stay simple, eat mostly raw foods, eat a diversity of foods at every meal, and eat lesser portions but more often. It's really rather simple. Profits make it complicated.

Agreed. If the horse has fresh food - grains and grasses - and has plenty of space to exercise, run and play, then let the horse be what a horse should be. Don't worry about it - enjoy it, and marvel at its instincts to enjoy life.


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I would do neither if you keep her healthy through good food and lots of water, enjoy her and don't worry about the future. I am not an advocate for pumping a bunch of inoculations into our pets, either. I think the homeopathic route is the way to go with animals, and shield them from polluted environments. But filling them full of shots too often can adversely affect their lifespan, and if you buy into the on-going marketing (like the one you are talking about) from some vets, all you're doing is making them money at the expense of your pet..

My webmaster wants to transition the newsletter into a blog, so we haven't put out a newsletter since July. I miss it - but I am waiting for him to redo the site.

Sorry about the lack of communication....I hope you hang on with us.


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Your "two cents" is priceless, PatB. We, humans, were given the gift of living on this Earth with free resources provided by Nature so we could learn about life. The dark energies have amassed to the point of coveting and marketing Nature's resources, and that enslaves everyone - even the selfish and greedy enslave themselves in the long run. They are like cancer - they will destroy their own host. Sadly, by that time, they will have also destroyed the beauty on this planet.

I believe that our collective awareness has now evened the playing field, and the good energy and loving souls are waking up to this intentional entrapment. I see hope in austerity movements in Europe to over-rule the darkness. Research Iceland, and see how they removed all the central banking and the politicians used as their puppets, and see how they are becoming the strongest country on Earth right now. Ford builds geothermal engines for Iceland - they use very little oil. Why can't Ford produce those engines for America? Because we have yet to remove our central banks and oil cartels.

There is a growing movement honoring our place on this Earth - we must support that way of thinking and realize that the control brought on by fear is an illusion of grandeur. The dark energies (banks, big corps, pharmaceuticals) can come down easily when you think about it. Study Iceland.


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That's a good one, PatB - less one more guinea pig. How TRUE! And less one more buying customer, which is all they care about.

Casey, you have experienced one of the biggest shams in our history - this food additive has created such chaos, and the intentional "lack of information" has created such confusion and a bottom-of-the-barrel quality of medical attention. The time and money wasted on chasing the true cause of health issues created by aspartame use has been allowed to continue far too long. More and more people like you are figuring this out and stopping their purchases of this toxin. Eventually enough people will realize that aspartame is the sole cause of so much suffering. I hope the "powers" behind aspartame come crashing down, setting the consumer free.

I prefer the French Green Clay over zeolite.


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I use the French Green Clay for my pets when I detox them once a year.


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I think you are lucky to have found a doctor with some good, old-fashioned common sense. He's right, and pump your body up with whole foods and vitamins. Your body needs time to recover from a diet of toxic chemicals, and it needs time to restore. Stay positive, don't think negatively, be thankful that you are on the road to wellness, and learn all you can about this experience.

PatB is right - research the natural foods that will support your blood, and look into raw adrenals - I'd take those for about 3 months.

I use natural dog food. I buy it dry, soak it in water, and add bone meal and olive oil or flax oil. You can then add fresh peas, some brown rice (real brown rice), carrots...whatever you feel is healthy and natural for your dog. I mix this in a storage container and put it in the fridge. It lasts about 4 days.

I also agree with PatB. Silence is awesome. You hear nature, you can think, relax, and think some more. It's a great way to connect with yourself.


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Well, for a baby, I don't think you need to worry about tightening loose skin. Let the baby grow into its skin. But both Aloe and coconut are good. So is olive oil.


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I wonder about the current quality of sunscreens, though. I think people overdo them. Many quality moisturizers will have some sun protection in them, and if you wear a hat, go in the sun early morning or late evening to get your Vitamin D, and stay hydrated, I think this is a better plan than slapping on chemical sunscreens.


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Very interesting. Actually, it sounds delicious.


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I agree. And for Pete's Sake, don't turn to things like botox....


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NIORA line has a great acne cleanser and toner. But, acne is also an issue under the skin and inside of the body - hormones, pH issues, diet, nutritional imbalances. It's good to look for internal toxins and nutritional issues that may be present, too.


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Well, I don't think you have to consult a doctor to find good skin products.


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I use the purest products out there - olive oil, vitamin E cream, and the NIORA line. The key is to remain hydrated and keep the moisturizers going consistently.


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One day, and probably sooner than later, human life will depend on "fake food" to survive. But, this will mutate us and make different beings out of us. I don't want to be here for that.


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I agree, and thank you for introducing this issue.


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Nutrients are very important, for sure, and silica is the core nutrient your body needs to feed the skin, nails, hair, and anything that requires collagen. Brushing you hair is important to do everyday, even if you are experiencing hair loss. Food chemicals and man-made chemicals are the root cause of modern-day hair loss. Not in every case, but in most. Look at hair loss in this light, and see if you can reverse your concerns.

I love my morning smoothie! I just use my blender, but my sons use the Magic Bullet.