Topic: Aspartame Case Histories

Excerpt: Name: P. Morgan; City: Christchurch, New Zealand; Age: 36; Gender: Male; Aspartame Consumption: 13 Years; Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes; Diet Products Used: Used regularly, not anymore-Diet Coke/Zero, Diet Pepsi/Max, soft drinks, Weight Watchers products, Diet Chocolates; Do you use Equal: No; Do your children use aspartame: No... Continue Reading Aspartame Case Histories from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

Re: Aspartame Case Histories

I think the case histories really rock! Sometimes people going through aspartame poisoning feel so all alone and isolated. Doctors make you feel a bit crazy and tell you it's stress or all in your head.

it's great to know that, we, victims of the sweet poison are not alone!