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Excerpt: A vaccine typically contains a small amount of an agent that resembles a microorganism. The term vaccine came from Edward Jenner in 1796 from the term cow pox and adapted from the Latin vaccin-us, from vacca cow. When two or more vaccines are mixed together in the same formulation, the... Continue Reading Did You Know? - October 2009 from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

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I have been hearing lately, from various sources, that vaccines are the root
cause of all auto-immune disorders. I am wonderfing what Dr. Hull's position is
on this.

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ConstanceCMT - I just posted something about this on another post, as a matter of fact; it was on the legal exemptions to vaccinations. Let me just cut and paste it, if you don't mind.

I wrote:

I think that more and more people are figuring out that the new generation of vaccines and how they are being administered are not what original vaccines were intended for. And, if we continue to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, we will be looking at a situation we got ourselves into by over-using antibiotics.

The human body will be so full of vaccines for things that did not even materialize, our immune systems will be shot while the diseases simply morph 2-steps ahead of us.
Over vaccinating is going to turn on humans one day. Sadly, I fear I will be right.

We always overdo a good thing in America because there is money to be made. Vaccines were never meant to become so prolific and overused.

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I think they have put something in the swine flu vaccine that is using the population to experiment with the reaction. I know this sounds crazy, but they are pushing it so hard and the swine flu is like any other flu - just getting worse as our public spaces get more polluted and dirty. I think the shots of late are a bunch of nothing good, and actuall making people sicker..

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Something's not right with this campaign for the swine flu vaccine. They even changed the name to make it more "acceptable."

I have noticed, too, that for the past 2-3 years, there has been a sudden "shortage" of the flu vaccines. That's odd to me - a really odd pattern.