Topic: Splenda Sickness

I have been using Splenda daily for about 3 years.  I started having severe allergy sypmtoms around the same time but never linked the 2 together.
My symptoms were:
stuffy / runny nose
asthma symptoms
mood swings
social anxiety
I thought I was having food allergies but when I was tested the only thing that I was allergic to was dust mites.
I came across all these website about splenda sickness and now I think maybe my problems are from splenda.
I stopped taking splenda about 6 or 7 days ago.  My allergy symptoms are a little better but not completely gone.
How long will it take for Splenda to be out of my system?

Re: Splenda Sickness

I felt immediate relief when I stopped using anything artificial. But, I had yeast as a result of a lifetime of using diet chemicals, medicines, and drinking too much in college. I used the diet sweeteners as a kid, mostly.

I had to do a serious yeast cleanse to re balance myself after I purified my diet.

Sometimes you need to replace what the chemicals have caused.

Re: Splenda Sickness

You know a few years ago I also was using Splenda. You know the 'made from real sugar' one wink

I remember years before that about the 'aspartame' and cancer link coming on the news and around that time i had the odd drin with canderel in it but only if i had to because i never did like the aftertaste of that stuff! so remember making a mental note of it, any how from that at the time my sister was studying nutrition so she was coming home and preparing meals for everybody and pointing stuff out to the rest of the family LOL like some obssessed mad woman! LOL

this then was around the time that they said on the news that 'aspartame' wasnt linked to cancer. so slowly over the years everybody kind of forgot about it. My sister however had moved onto the Splenda as the new version had just come out, she introduced it to me whilst i was living there for a couple of months and passed me the box, i remember asking her whether it had that disgusting stuff in it 'aspartame'! and she said no, it tastes like real sugar! so i used it because she had got rid of sugar from the house as she was weight watching lol.

so i put this stuff on my porridge and in my drinks (tea) used it in baking too, and god i was gobsmacked when i saw my tea kind of exploding!! it fizzed up like a substance in some kind of chemistry class!!

so what does that tell you? i said it must be full of chemicals!

i didnt mean to digress, sorry. Im glad you have given this up and feeling a bit better, give it time to get out of your system completely.

Re: Splenda Sickness

Your story was delightful to read - so glad you did share it. And what a good point that you made - HA! THE STUFF DOES FIZZ AND BUBBLE LIKE IN CHEMISTRY CLASS. Great analogy!