Topic: splenda caused my kidney stones!

sometimes you just get a lightbulb moment when you least expect it, right?  well, when splenda hit the market, i was hooked.  i used it to sweeten ice tea, kool-aid, espresso drinks, name it, if it had it in it i was eating it, or, adding it.  i had 3 kidney stones, the first on july 31st 2003, that lasted 35 1/2 hours!  pain meds did NOT help, the pain was so intense i couldn't not vomit every couple hrs.  the only time the pain went a way was when i vomited or urinated.  it was a horrible excruciatingly painful experience, had no idea what was happening, thought i was dieing or had a burst appendix.  then my 2nd stone hit, on monday jan 3rd 2005, and the split second it did, i knew what was happening.  the pain hit like someone struck my lower back w/a baseball bat!  i was instantly on my hands and knees, took me 45 min to get to the phone to call my husband and say "kidney - stone - get - home - fast!".  that stone lasted about 33 hrs.  the third stone hit on oct 8th 2005, woke me up around 4 am with a dull backache.  for 45 min i tossed and turned, then woke my husband up, told him i had another stone and we had to go to the ER.  then the pain went away...i jumped in the shower and rushed to get ready so i didn't look awful if it was a long wait in the ER.  the pain returned about 45 min later, got taken in right away since i had a previous history there w/the 2nd stone (we're military, moved btwn 1st and 2nd one).  they actually gave me some morphine, i would've preferred an epidural!  the pain never returned, so, the stone passed quite quickly that time.  it was on the left side, like the first one, and the Dr presumed the scar tissue helped void any pain.  but, i never did "catch" the stone over the next 48 hrs, so it did pass quickly, before i got home from the ER evidently.
it wasn't until some time had passed that i had that lightbulb moment.  the stones all occurred during the time i was using Splenda.  it's been 4 yrs, haven't had Splenda in that time, nor have i had any more stones!
in the commissary one day a bottle of "diet cranberry juice" caught my eye.  a gentleman noticed me there for a while, made the comment "too many choices?", then i told him about what i saw.  i mentioned it had Splenda in it, that so many of the juices did now, then said i won't touch the stuff anymore.  he asked why, i told him, and his jaw hit the ground.  he said he recently had a kidney stone and about 4 mos prior just started using Splenda.  was using it in his coffee, and because he liked it so much, he was drinking more coffee than ever before. 
so, maybe i'm not so crazy if my story may have been similar to a stranger's?  i've brought up the link btwn the stones and Splenda to several urologists, but none of whom were the least bit interested in exploring the possibility. 
i had also heard on the radio one morning, about 2 yrs ago, a story about the increase of kidney stones in children, about a 50% increase, and they don't know why it's happening.  all i could think was "but of course...Splenda is in everything"...and i'm sure more parents are buying frozen sweets and candies and sodas w/splenda rather than sugar. 
since Nothing else in my diet has changed...i eat the same foods they claimed caused my stones (calcium oxalate): caffeine -tea, coffee, dark sodas - chocolate, spinach, etc.  i'm convinced Splenda caused my stones.
are you convinced after reading my story?

Re: splenda caused my kidney stones!

Wow thanks for sharing your story. Dr. Hull has written about the correlation between artificial sweeteners and kidney stones, especially with colas. Thanks again!

- Andy

Re: splenda caused my kidney stones!

Yes, thank you. Check your body pH, as stones typically occur when the body is dehydrated and too alkaline. Don't fear your food, but remain eating and drinking those which are all natural to your body. Avoid all fake foods, forever!