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I have been drinking diet pepsi for aobut 35 years or more.  I amm 53, so that's what my body mostly survived on...about 220 oz per day.  Recently, I got Thrush from my steroid inhaler, and it hurt to drink pop, so I switched and am now drinking about 200+ oz of water a day. And in the past few weeks went on a CPAP. My body is getting all these new good things, but is reacting poorly!  I am bloated, gaining weight, my pulse rate is in the high 90's, my back (maybe kidney's) hurt, I'm craving food...especially carbs, and I just feel blah!  Also, you would think I would pee a LOT, but it's less then before, and is mostly dark yellow. (I thought it would be very clear)???

In 2004 I had another episode with Aneroxia, and it was explained that why I quit losing weight after several month os starvation was because my body was in "starvation mode" and holding on to every calorie. 

Is it possible that my body is holding the water in a similar way? 

I will be seeing my MD tomorrow to try to figure out what's going on. I don't want to start drinkning pop again!  I NEVER would have thougth I could have given it up!  I used ALWAYS have at least one with me and one on hold.

Any ideas what's happening to me?



Re: Aspartame


You are expecting a lot from your body to restore health quickly after abusing it for 25 years. More than likely you have some serious nutrient depletions from "starving" it, as you so well put. You must treat it gingerly as it is weakened beyond quick repair.

Detox carefully, but restore your nutrients by adopting a good quality vitamin protocol for the rest of your life. Give it back what it was robbed by a diet of diet chemicals.

Allow 1/2 the time to restore what it was exposed to; this means at least 18 months to begin to feel strong again. BUT, that said, you will not make this worse by staying away from ALL diet sweeteners. And your meds and steroids can be toxic, too.

Humans and all animals drink water for a reason - that's what nature intended for us to drink.