Topic: Detox from fluoroquinolone antibiotic and mefloquine

I fell very ill with a fluoroquinolone antibiotic and taking lariam and vaccines, 13 years ago.

It caused serious damage including heart attack, heart failure, kidneys were failing but now dysufunction, high liver enzymes (toxic hepatitis) dysfunction in adrenals, hypothyroidism severe weakness, mitochondrial dysfunction, and probalby mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency (I have to eat lamb for all meals every day) or I become weaker, arrythmia, peripheral neuropathy in arms, hands, legs and feet, (severe), MCS, allergies, and reactions to many compound in foods, can only eat some cabbage, green beans, cooked onions, apples, pomegranates, cheese, olive oil (cooked), and pears since 2002.

There are many other synptoms such as angina, arrythmias, disautonomia etc... 

Recently, I have been able to tolerate some vits and supps, as well as some Ayurvedic meds, the least toxic, mainly compounds from fruits for the time being.

My cognition is very poor, but since taking the Ayurvedic med, this is improving.

Is there perhaps one of the detox products I should try? 

There is no doubt that adverse reactions ffrom the antibiotics and lariam/vaccines are causing inflammation, excess of free radicals, and unable to detox daily assault of air pollution, and probalby heavy metals.

I put myself on 6000 mg of L Carnitine and no longer suffer from severe PN, and symptoms caused if not eating a huge amount of lamb daily. 

Although, this is not the solution, and sustainable,  I am looking for a supplement containing all essential amino acids in liquid form. 

It could be either mitochondrial trifunctional protein deficiency or L-Carnitine deficiency, or in any case, some type of metabolic dysfunction involving mitochondria.

Concerning the hair analysis, would it not be more revealing if taking samples from sweat or fat from tissue?

Advice on where to start?


PS i am also suffering from Electric magnetic sensitivity (EMS) AND electrical sensitivity (ES).

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Ayurvedic medicine is good, and if you have a good practitioner, you can stick with that. I would recommend doing the hair analysis; it is better than testing the fat, urine or blood in the respect that it is a permanent history of what's going on inside of you; the other tests are more acute and can change from day to day. The root of this issue is deep, and you need to see what is inside the tissues and what effect they are having on your nutrients.

It is wise to take a complex amino supplement, as the body is used to in-taking amino acids as a complex. Isolated amino acids are typically not found in nature in less than a combination of eight. But, you are getting on-track and researching some good alternatives.

Determine the cause or causes of this, THEN you can design a program to repair and restore with much quicker and long-lasting results.

Re: Detox from fluoroquinolone antibiotic and mefloquine

Hi Poppy,

Have you had any sucess?
I had a reaction to Levaquin five years ago and am still suffering from side effects.
Best wishes,

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Many people do react negatively to Levaquin. If it is the only choice to use, I recommend using it for a short period of time and not repeatedly.

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I suggest that everyone should read how bad fluoroquinolones are on and fqvictims also fqtoxicity these are very bad antibiotics.
I took cipro for 1mnth 3 years ago and have lots of problems, one of the worst being derealisation ( a feeling that everthing is unreal ) i've had this for 3 years and its stopping me working.
Before this i was very fit and well, i have also lost 50% of my strength amongst other things.

If anyone knows of anything that could help the unreality i wpould be most greatfull.


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I am hearing this more and more these days. Not surprising.

Have you considered some chelation, and then restoring your adrenals? You need a good cleaning and then a jump start.

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i was wondering if you could help me.
I am just about to finish a 10 day course of Ciprofluxocin, for a psdeumonas infection.

I need to know how long after the last dose can I resume breast feeding again, I only feed morning and night as she is 15 months, I am so keen to get back to feeding as I had to stop suddenly due to this nasty infection.
My doctor said I would be ok after 24hrs, but i am wondering should i detox before or whilst breast feeding.
I am very concerned about anything passing through the milk as we lead a organic natural life where possible, and me taking these antibiotics was a last resort.

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Make sure to supplement with a probiotic, too. If your lifestyle has been this healthy, you should continue breastfeeding now and your little one should be fine. The meds, if prescribed in the right dose, should be used up by the body by now with little residual toxicity.