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The best red bush tea is for me by Rooibos Limited/South Africa.
Buying source of red bush tea (Rooibos) i.a. for USA look here please:

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Good to know.

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My, my, ... didn't even know it....we have ample access to Redbush Tea here in South Africa where it is grown and readily available in the shops. We call it Rooibos which is the Afrikaans language version of the name. Thank you for the information as I now will be consuming it. It is also naturally caffiene (spelling) free. It is also a lot sweeter than the black tea variety and I prefer to drink it without milk and a spot of honey. Good on you for doing a study on it. If anyone needs a sample tea bag, email me and I can maybe send you one - I'm not in the retail trade - it would be a gesture of goodwill to my fellow man - at this time of Good Tidings and great cheer.
Thank you dr Hull for enlightening us and for sticking to your guns. I am passing on your message as loudly as I can. We are very uneducated about Aspartame here in my neck of the woods.

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Hello Coco,

In Germany this tea has common names Redbush (rotbusch) or Rooibos.
I am so happy over your message included your nice offer and your good opinion to my Redbush article. Thanks for that.
To write it is not just a hobby for me but I feel a need to do it. Thanks electronic mail it is the shortest way people from other countries/continents to connect and to help them in taking care of themselves.
Germany and or Africa--- two different (food)-worlds but with the common aim "HEALTH OF MANY PEOPLE" no matter which counties and nationalities.

I wish you and all readers here a happy & healthy new Year 2010.
I hope you enjoy also my articles/recipes in 2010 (f.e. Mediterranean Nutrition in the next Healthy Newsletter, by Dr. Hull).

Best regards,

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Thanks from my home in Texas to you in South Africa and Germany! The web is awesome to keep us all so connected.

May 2010 be the best and healthiest year ever for us all! And thanks for your posts!