Topic: VeggieCal-D

Has anyone heard of VeggieCal-D, or currently take it? It's a blend of sea vegetables, coral calcium, and vitamin D. Recommendation is three a day. It contains 16 mg. of Vitamin C, 2000 IU of Vitamin D, 300 mg of Calcium, 150 mg of Magnesium, 120 mcg of Chromium, and a proprietary blend of sea vegetables at 1684 mg. Anyway, I took it to my Dr. and she said that this was too much for a daily dose. Something about it would cause calcium deposits to form in  my bones which would cause pain. Now I don't know if I should take it, or what the right dosage is. Anyone with any information would be helpful.

Re: VeggieCal-D

I recommend taking the most natural form of vitamin supplements possible, but this product has some forms of elements that have already been processed and won't do your body much good, such as the form of calcium. When you take a vitamin, your body should be the processing plant, and the sea vegetables are excellent to take, but the calcium has already been processed by the sea urchins, so it will build outside of your bone as opposed to your body "processing" it for you.

I suggest using sea vegetables, but selecting a different multi-vitamin if you can.