Topic: What if sucralose broke down in the body?

Experimenting with fermentation from yeast I've gotten sucralose to breakdown.  When this happens it releases chlorine.  Which leaves the possibility this could occur in humans as well.  I'm still in the middle of researching this, I may be a little in over my head, but I'm pretty sure Alcohol and Nicotine are directly responsible for this.  I have not identified which enzyme was directly responsible for the breakdown of sucralose.  If anyone is interested in this information they will need to contact me as my main goal is to find cheaper alternative sources that yeast can metabolize into ethanol alcohol as a fuel source.


Re: What if sucralose broke down in the body?

Wow, way cool!!!  It has been proven by many researchers in many countries that up to 15% of the chlorine in Splenda is released into the body. What they market is misleading - yes, it does break down.Your research results will be welcomed on the Internet. Keep up the good work.