Topic: Sucralose being mislabeled as "sugar?"

I've been noticing that a lot of products that used to have "sucralose" listed as an ingredient on the Nutrition Facts Label now just list "sugar." Has there been a new classification for sucralose that allows it to now be labeled as sugar? Any ideas how to find out exactly how to find out what type of sugar they have? Products i've recently noticed this change in are sports drinks, vitamin drinks, & candy.

Re: Sucralose being mislabeled as "sugar?"

This is most interesting. Sucralose is NOT sugar, so I would think they would be setting themselves up for some serious liability issues if they are misrepresenting themselves like this. I have to think that it is really sugar in these products if that's on the label.

Money talks to these companies, and they'd sell your Aunt Mabel's pantyhose as a food ingredient if it made them money. But the labeling is an issue that has been closely monitored, and seemingly well monitored, so I think that if sugar is appearing more in products that once had these crummy diet chemicals in them, then the diet sweeteners are not selling well, and they'll put back whatever makes them the most money.