Topic: Very frustrated learning that Splenda is the cause!

I can't believe how much suffering I'v been going through, thinking it was the Fibromyalgia I have. I also have Chronic fatigue syndrome so I drink a lot of coffee, pretty much all day and had been adding at least 2-4 splenda packs to each cup.
I have stopped using splenda completely for a day and a half and already notice a huge decrease in pain. The pain I was experiencing was joint pain in my elbows and hip, as well as my spine. I already have to take pain meds having Fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. For me to be in as much pain through the meds was not normal. I also have IBS and splenda caused severe bloating. I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. I can't believe that this product is on the market. At the same time, I'm very grateful I have found a web site that has the knowledge and cleansing technique that you do. I thank you so much for decreasing the excruciating pain I was experiencing. Having the 2 pain syndromes that I do, I don't feel pain like others, it's 10,0000 times worse.
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Has anyone experienced throat problems (swelling and/or absess) or problems with their thyroid that can be related to the use of Splenda?

I have been using Splenda for two-three years and in the past six months I have three throat absesses.  I have had a host of tests which show nothing.

Re: Very frustrated learning that Splenda is the cause!

The chlorine in Splenda can have these toxic reactions in both of you. Fibro is the result of toxins within the myalgia of the muscle fibers and tendons at the joints, and once toxins are removed, the pain lessens and eventually goes away.

Whenever toxic sweeteners are used and health symptoms appear, remove those toxins and see if the pain and other symptoms lessen. If so, then you know you have hit the bulls-eye. Keep detoxing and replace the nutrients a diet of chemicals removes from your body, drink more water daily, and this should restore your health.

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hmmm. is this dependent on the individual ? i cut out cane sugar and started using mostly splenda a few years back and i immediately had much more vitality. It's been a few years and I feel in good shape despite a high consumption of splenda ?

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Splenda immediately kills my kidneys. If you want to use it, use it. But don't make everyone think that we are all wrong because it doesn't bother you.

It's people like you who make these Big Corps rich. Go for it.

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I agree.

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I have been very ill. I was diagnosed in the past with narcolepsy and created a comfortable life considering certain restrictions.. like not driving. I am 53 and have always been healthy, very athletic..a year ago I would run 10+miles daily. About 8 months ago I started getting joint pains. Within a couple months it became difficult for me to even walk down the stairs. It hurt everywhere. My knee would swell, my rest at times would hurt so badly I couldn't even comb my hair. I went to a rheumatologist after my RA factor came out negative. She felt it was an "infection based arthritis" since I have had sinus issues for months as well, and the pain would go away after a strong antibiotic treatment. It has only gotten worse. I hurt everywhere..I have lost all the joy in my life and avoid dear friendships because of my burden of pain. I have been using splenda like an addict for a few years..on everything and in a everything.8 splenda lattes, sprinkled it on fruit. Diet sodas..sometimes just straight when I needed a sweet fix,you name it. This morning when I was fixing my "cinnamon/splenda toast" (5 packs of splenda..or more) for some reason it dawned on me that this could be the problem. I was SHOCKED when I googled joint pain/splenda. Some of the stories describe my pain exactly. I am convinced this is the problem. I dumped every diet soda down the drain as though poison and destroyed every splenda product I had. I want my life back. I want to run in races again. I am crying as I compose this because I am acknowledging all that I lost.. even a loving relationship. How long will it take to feel better? Is there anything I should be doing to "detox" the poison from my body. If this is the cause..the "splenda folks" stole a year of my life..and others. It needs to be dealt with. Thank you Dr Hull for exposing a crime. I have also had unexplained blood in my urine. I worked in a medical lab for 25 years and I know there must be a reason for bloody urine. Now I know. When I feel better, and I think I will, I am going to update my physician friends and the rheumatologist so they can own the knowledge.
How long before I should feel better...even great?

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katrina/kathi - you used a lot of diet chemicals. I assume that some of the products you have used had other sweeteners in them, too, like ace-k and aspartame. But, Splenda right out of the packet??? Wow, wow and wow. I can only imagine how toxic your body feels.

Yes, stop all diet chemicals, detox, and return to eating and drinking real foods. Consider studying my Detox Kit; the books and DVDs - it'll help you learn how to detox from the diet sweeteners. I could talk about it here, but you need to seriously research, read, and learn about detoxing....this is too important to simply teach you with a sentence or two. That's why I wrote the books - to offer the information so many people need to learn about...and why.

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My first taste of Splenda was in the summer of 2004. I've always avoided artificial sweetners, but my husband bought some ice cream with Splenda and I thought I'd try it. Aside from the semi-unpleasant taste, I wasn't prepared for the effects about two hours later: horrific cramping, bloating and explosive diahrrea. I didn't connect the dots until the next day when, hungry for something sweet, I ate a bite of the ice cream. This time, within minutes I had the horrific effects. I Googled Splenda and learned of this gastric effect, so since then I'd read labels carefully to avoid Splenda.

Back then, it was easier because most foods/beverages containing Splenda touted the Splenda logo on the product's label, but somewhere along the way products stopped doing this. And I found that out the hard way one day when I drank a bottle of my favorite Fuze beverage--one of the Fuze's that I knew didn't contain Splenda, so I didn't bother rereading the label. BIG mistake because the company apparently changed the formula to Splenda. Two hours after consuming 1/4 bottle, I suffered the horrible gastric effects. But it didn't dawn on me until the next morning when I checked the label.

Then again, two months ago I went to Starbucks to grab a coffee before coming in to work on a Saturday morning. I had a little headache and was sleepy, so really wanted that coffee. The barista didn't make the coffee very hot, so I was happy to take a long chug when I got to my car. When I stopped drinking, I thought I detected a characteristic artificial taste, so when I got to work I threw out the coffee. Less than two hours later, I was sitting at my computer doubled over with cramps and barely made it to the bathroom. I ended up leaving work exhausted, having been able to only put in about 2 1/2 hours of effort.

I also know someone that gets a headache within 5 minutes of consuming just a taste of Splenda.

But now I'm exploring the possibility that Splenda is the cause of my husband's problems. He's finally weaned off aspartame, which he's consumed for over 30 years. He used to drink Diet Coke, 3-4 cans a day, and chew artificially sweetened gum and mints, and eat only artificially sweetened desserts, occasionally allowing himself a real sugar treat. He's not diabetic, just weight conscious.

However, over the past few years he hasn't been able to control his weight, even while avoiding real sugar. His use of aspartame and then Splenda, grew along with the weight gain. He's 58, 6 ft. tall, and weighs about 240 lbs.

He has a prescription for high blood pressure, and many years ago was diagnosed with PAT (which might have been related to aspartame, for all we know). Last year he was prescribed Celebrex for worsening arthritis symptoms, though he wasn't formally diagnosed with arthritis--occasionally he gets these odd, very painful flare ups in which his wrist, elbow, knee or ankle will swell.

Over the years, doctors have run tests for gout, and diagnosed gout, then said they don't know because his uric acid wasn't always elevated. But in May, uric acid was over 11, so his dr. started him on a brand new gout med, and as of yesterday, tests came back showing uric acid at 8. He's had a major flare up in March, May, June and now just last week. Prednisone seems to be the only thing to get it under control; it's to the point that often prescription pain meds are of minimal help. The other night he moaned in and out of sleep.

He's been experiencing insomnia, itchiness, irritability and now depression because his quality of life is so compromised. Last week with this latest swelling, his wrist didn't even look like a wrist and hand, so swollen you couldn't see the knuckles.

I've read the research showing there's an upper tolerable limit that the FDA deemed safe for daily sucralose comsumption, so I'm curious how much Splenda is in one can of Diet Coke?

After reading all these other testimonials, I'm forwarding them to my husband to make a decision about joining me in eliminating Splenda from his diet. I make tea for him using Stevia, which he likes, but he really likes the taste of something fizzy in the morning (he's not a coffee drinker). He's even trying that Nopalea juice to see if it will help (one bottle down, so far it's not helping), and he has an appointment next month with a rheumatology specialist.

Any ideas whether all this is a part of growing older, or leftover purging from years of aspartame and now Splenda?


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Kim, I work with clients every day just like your hubby. They used aspartame for too many years before changing to Splenda thinking this would erase all the damage from the aspartame. Habits don't change with the chemicals.

Over time, the toxins accumulate in the body to the point of adversely affecting health, and then the meds start. Suppressing the symptoms without removing the cause doesn't heal anything, so more meds are needed, and sadly, people take their meds with a diet cola. Then comes weight gain. More meds and more diet products, and then sleep isues start. More meds, and more weight gain. See the pattern? And how many men are just like your husband? Sad, but THIS is America's future.

So, what to do? Stop ALL the diet chemical products ASAP, but don't be surprised if he has some serious withdrawal symptoms. Then, he detoxes and detoxes until he is cleaned up. This might take a year, but by golly, day by day he is one step closer to regaining his health. Over time, he can wean from the meds, and one day down the road, he'll be his healthy self again, just the way the Creator intended for him to be.

Have you ever met an elderly person who is full of life and vim and vigor? They are the ones who'll tell you that they are not on ANY meds. They are around, but they are harder to find these days, not like 50 years ago. We should all strive to age medication free and diet chemically free!  What freedom lies ahead.

Go to and research my Detoxification Kit for aspartame detox. It will be helpful for him to learn how to cleanse from the diet sweeteners. He can do this, but he needs to learn how to make these lifestyle changes, and why.