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My daughter was given Minocycine for her complextion and she started to have headaches, sounds in ears and vision problems. I called the doctor's office to ask them to switch her to a different medication but ended up rushing her back to the office for a blood test then office to see a Neurologist who ordered a MRI. Now we have five months to wait to have another MRI to see if maybe she could have the starting signs of MS. Now my daughter chews sugarless gum from the moment she gets up and takes it out when she goes to bed. She has done this for years. My question is, all the headaches, eye issues and the sound in her ear (which she still has) could be caused my aspartame gum. I did call up the Neurologist when my husband searched the web and said that it was all due to aspartame gum. She said that she had never heard of that and she doubted that was the cause but after reading your articles my husband doesn't sound so silly after all. Has anyone else had signs like what she had by the sugarless gum.

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hpeterson - this forum is a good place for you to share these questions. HUNDREDS of people have had these symptoms. Sadly, they are common, and they typically go away when all aspartame is stopped. You can't imagine how many people have MRIs that show nothing, but the symptoms remain because the aspartame is never stopped. The worry and the time spent, and the money spent on these tests are so unnecessary when aspartame is used, and all the doc has to do is suggest stopping all diet products to see if these symptoms go away. Especially in young people.

For the neurologist to NOT know about the aspartame controversy is one of the problems; this is common sense for one thing, but the research has proven beyond any doubt that aspartame crosses into the brain and causes headaches, vertigo, blurred vision, tinnitus, and other problems sourcing in the brain. Aspartame has been studied in many countries, and these studies have resulted in damage to the brain. Dr. John Olney, MD proved as early as the 1970s that aspartame ate holes in the brains of his lab rats. How can they have covered this up for so long?  But they have!

Why isn't this info on Oprah?? Because it is controlled by the corporations that make and sell it; they own the media and the advertising monies. It's a high-stakes political game of greed, and sadly, our children are suffering.

Personally, I think the mis-information and lack of truth about the true dangers of aspartame is criminal. One day this will come to a head, but can you imagine the chaos and the lawsuits when it does? This is one reason they try to keep it quiet. And they just can't seem to take it off the market because it nets so much profit. Not to mention the monies they make off the medical tests and the drugs they hook people on to control the symptoms aspartame causes.

But any doctor that doesn't have the basic knowledge and common sense to know this controversy has merit is a doctor you need to fire. Shop for another doc - one with an open mind who wants to do whatever it takes to help your daughter.

These are strong words, but I have no more patience for the deception hurting our children. If she stops chewing the gum, detoxes these poisons, and restores the nutrients these chemicals rob from her body, she should restore her health.

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Thank you, as I have asked her not to chew sugarless gum anymore. I will also not have the other MRI plus they wanted to do a spinal tap.

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Oh my....what that poor child (no matter her age, she's your baby!) will have to go through when it most probably is the aspartame. Removing all diet sweeteners for at least 6 weeks will provide you the answers; she will either pop back to her former, healthy self, or the root of this issue will rise to the surface, and the correct medical recommendations will be given.

These docs rush you into these expensive is happening far too much these days. Have her chew Spry gum from the whole foods market. It might cause some tummy cramping because the suagr alcohols will do that, but it isn't toxic by any means. It tastes great, so she'll chew it.

A spinal tap??????? OMG. Good for you, mom!

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My wife has been suffering with chronic fatigue, electrical pains in her limps, memory issues, insomnia, and occassional eye and head aches.  We spent a week at Mayo clinic and they found nothing.  Mayo told us to try Ambien as a sleeping pill to see if that helps.  Also, my wife takes 90 Mg of Cymbalta everyday to reduce electrical pain.  Recently she got severe head aches only on one side which lead to more MRI's with no results.  We've spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to find a cause with no success and we've driven ourselves to the point of bankrupcty since all these test disqualified her from my family's good insurance coverage.  A friend of mine told me about your Sweet Poison book.  I've since realized that my wife has been drinking diet Pepsi almost everyday since the symptoms began.  When I shared your advice she got angry with me for presuring her to change her nutrition and get off the Pepsi's.  Although she's agreed (albeit unwillingly) to get off the Pepsi's, she doesn't want to do a hari analysis or take anything to detoxify.  Is there some research or advice you can give me to help her detoxify from eight years of Diet Pepsi using techniques that will not make her more angry with me?

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This is actually a complex situation. You have identified a toxin that she is consuming, and yes, you are correct that diet sweteners not only cause serious side effects, but they also cause depression, apathy, lethargy, and weight gain.  Hence, the addiction.

But, you have also identified another issue; your wife's unwillingness to accept this as fact. And it appears that she may be missing the point that you love her enough to intervene.

If you can address all three of these issues, and work to make each one of them the best that they can be for your personal and family dynamics, then not only will your wife's health improve, but so will your relationship.

You are a loving spouse that is concerned about her and cares very much about her. She needs to appreciate that in its fullness, and try the things you are lovingly asking her to try.

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Thank you Dr. Hull for your encouragement about my wife's health and our relationship.  You are very perceptive to see the stress on our relationship that has escalated since I brought your sweetener research to my wife.  Gratefully, she plans to allow me to sit down with her and her doctor (rheumatologist) this week to ask about reducing her dependancy on Cymbalta and Ambiem and to ask for her support to encourage my wife to pursue a hair analysis and possible detox program.  Is there a special website for fellow doctors that you recommend I bring to her doctor's attention that can help educate them on the dangers of the sweeteners?  Thanks again...!

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Yes, my sites are filled with information: go to and this sends you to the aspartame, Splenda, hair analysis and detox sites.

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To the person above with the daughter and the person with the wife having problems, I had to post my story as it is very similar!  Hopefully it adds some hope to you both!

About 14 months ago I started getting really sick.  It began with being constantly dizzy and having a ringing in my ears.  Of course I went to my doctor and an ENT and they said this would go away and it was simply fluid in my ears.  In the following few months I began to feel extremely fatigued and flu-like.  This seemed odd to me because I was a healthy and active 27 year old woman with no health issues.  Again, I went to my doctor and I was told it was simply a

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This is why we started this Forum. Thank you for sharing your stories to help one another and those who are reading. The one thing people need to realize, well the two things, is that this issue IS VERY VERY REAL, and aspartame victims are NOT alone.

I felt oh so alone in 1991 when I was in the hospital sick from aspartame. Few people even knew what the heck aspartame was back then. It wasn't that popular, yet, and the symptoms were just starting to become more public. Knowing that you are not imagining this, knowing that you are not sick "because of stress (as most docs will say), and knowing this is a true health issue is a very important part of getting well.

Aspartame toxicity will not show up on the many lab tests you just paid for - so unless your doc labels you with a disease that you don't really have (like mine did me), you feel like you're nuts. But this Forum is the place to feel sane, accepted, and spot on!

Sadly, I don't know what it is going to take to get this sweet poison off the market. It's a trillion dollar industry; they won't give that up.

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It'll stop when people stop buying this junk. All they care about is money. Look at stevia. People are buying that up like crazy, and then they created Truvia - not as pure as real stevia, but they jumped on that money train after decades of trying to claim stevia was unsafe. Hypocrites.

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Yes, do BELIEVE everything they say about Aspartame Poisoning. It happened to me. I had a severe reaction that built up over a couple of years from it. Everyone thought I had MS but I had these weird, painful lesions in the back of throat near my vocals. My voice will never be quite the same due to the scar tissue nor has the pain gone completely after more than a year without having any. It takes a long time to recover evidently.

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Thank you for your post. Helping others is a great way to complete the healing process caused by aspartame. None of this should be happening because the powers that be KNOW aspartame is toxic. Sadly, so many suffer at the hands of greed behind aspartame. Keep your pulse on the forum, Neecyanne, to help others. We have 15 year olds on the forum asking these questions. On that positive note - people are figuring this out and at younger ages. Whew. There's hope!!!