Topic: Pineapple Dish with Chicken & Cheese

Pineapple Dish with Carrot & Cheese

Pineapple base
6 slices pineapple (thick slices)
Carrot base
Little butter
Cheese of choice

Pineapple Base:

Mix millet semolina

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I recommend this as an excellent choice for a cancer prevention diet, or for those recovering from cancer.

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Wow this combination sounds very different ...Thanks fort sharing healthy recipe ...

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Re: Pineapple Dish with Chicken & Cheese

It comes with its own digestive enzymes, too. Notice how most cultures (but not in America) have foods with digestive aids included with their meals - pineapple with ham or pork, lemons with fish, cranberries with turkey or chicken, papaya with red meats. In America, we might squeeze lemon on fish, but for the most part, the garnishes that are meant to be eaten for digestion are thrown away with the dirty dishes. Most every other culture eats the foods and garnishes that are provided with the meal to assist digestion. Even a rich red wine will aid in digestion.