Topic: I'm not crazy or a hypochondriac!

I was diagnosed with a UPJ obstruction (birth defect) 2 years ago. They removed my right kidney and told me I was fine to carry on as usual, but definently reduce my soda intake. I stopped drinking soda and added tea w/splenda to get my sweet fix. Since then, the last two years of my life have been hell. 
I had fixed my kidney issue and somehow gained a whole new menu of symptoms.  Hair loss, skin rash, muscle pain, and exhaustion.  I started seeing my doctor about once a week.  I felt crazy.  They drew labs, which showed an elevated ANA. They couldn't figure out why.... they said my immune system was fighting itself for no apparent reason.  After visiting multiple dermatologists who wrote me prescriptions that cost over $600 that didn't work and driving my PCP and nephrologist insane, I gave up.  My scalp was infected from the rash, however the rash on my leg subsided after 6 months.  I just figured that this was they way my life would be.
About two weeks ago I had severe muscle pain in my calves, as I often experienced.  This time I could not get out of bed. I started searching for possible reasons.  It wasn't low potasium or dehydration-  I get plenty of water.  Something hit me.... my husband had bought me a new box of splenda and I had been using it more frequently.  I googled "splenda leg pain" and found hundreds of people JUST LIKE ME!!!  I immediately stopped using Splenda and saw the symptoms subside with in 24 hours.  For fun (if that is what you want to call it), I tried one cup of tea with a tablespoon of Splenda last night before bed.  Today, my right calf muscle was back to the tight knotted feeling. 
I called Splenda and spoke to a CSR... what a joke!  She tried to tell me how safe this product was. When I refused 3 times to listen to how wonderful Splenda was and how many studies have been done, she finally agreed to note my issue.
I want to find some way to prove this.... I want them to stop hurting people!  I'm concerend about the damage I may have caused my ONE kidney.  What about all of the diabetics they market this to? 

Anyway, I'm sorry to all of you who experienced my pain, but I would like to thank you for speaking out.  You may have saved my life.


Re: I'm not crazy or a hypochondriac!


Thank you for your incredible case history. You can help so many by sharing this; especially helping children.

Sadly, they DO know about the research proving sucralose in Splenda causes severe hind leg paralysis in lab rats. That research study is in my book Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?  Now their receptionist and the other worker-bees may not know this, or they wouldn't be working for the company, I wouldn't think. But the powers-that-be know this.

Read a copy of my book to gather together your game plan on what you can do about this. Yes, the chlorine and other chemicals in Splenda are very harsh on the kidneys and bladder, the liver, and harmful for diabetics. These results are also in the study I included in my book.

Sadly, the consumer has little power against these mega-corps who have the power over the politics behind this diet sweetener issue.

What needs to change is the consumer's part in this. We start pushing back on forums such as this one, speaking to as many people as we can about it, and we stop buying their products. We stop putting so much faith in "corporate" medicine, and stop giving our power away. Big business cares about money above health, so when their profits are down, they will make a change.

Hang on to all your medical records; maybe one-day you CAN use your case history in a courtroom.