Topic: Amazing!

I have been struggling with severe gas, bloating, cramping - so bad that I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep...My chiropractor is wonderful - has been working with me on supplements, I've been taking lots of pro-biotics, done detoxes 2 times, etc. and would see some results but then would relapse - no wonder!  I've been putting Splenda into my 3-4 cups of tea every morning, using it to cook with, etc.  I'm throwing it all out today.  Thank you!

Re: Amazing!

Terphall, share this info with your wonderful chiropractor. Yes, the chlorine in Splenda upsets the digestive track and causes these symptoms. Plus, watch out for products with the sweetener blends, as they can over-expose you to too many diet chemicals, and together they cause these reactions you have been experiencing.