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I'm fairly conscious about what I eat (my background is chemistry so I see the body as a big 'bag' of chemicals really) and sincerely believe that you are what you eat.

When Splenda came out I was a skeptical. I don't eat refined sugar, corn syrup or aspartame so Splenda seemed like another too good to be true sweetener. I should have listened to my instinct on this one.

It started out harmless enough. Every morning I stop for a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop in my town. We are fortunate in that we have a doctor here who owns a coffee bean plantation in Hawaii and we get extremely fresh roasted beans. Usually roasted that morning. Great coffee! So one day I added a two packs of Splenda since I typically get an espresso shot added to mine.

Well before long two packs became three. This went on for nearly two years. You do not quite notice it at first but you can tell a big difference over time. After about six months I noticed that I was having trouble focusing and with (without getting too much into brain functions) frontal lobe functions. I added more EFA's (mainly omega 3's) to my diet. I also upped the magnesium daily dosage as well. I saw a little improvement but not much. It got progressively worse.

I have kept a daily journal since I was sixteen so it was fairly easy to see a steady progression of changes in mood and cognitive thinking. The most basic was the ability to solve complex problems in terms of planning and organization. Another very noticeable symptom was maintaining focus. Mood was also changed in terms of signs of depression, anxiety and irritability.

I also noticed that stool was becoming more and more dense to the point that it was taking much longer to pass through my digestive tract.

So a little Googling and research led to some articles about how Splenda was suspected of killing off intestinal flora. Maintaining a daily regime of active probiotics seemed to resolve the issue. But the regime had to be maintained.

So some months ago I gave up Splenda all together. The side effects were just too annoying and I wanted to see if they cleared up when Splenda was cleared out of my system.

The results seem to indicate that my suspicions and current theories were correct. The 'brain fog' is gone. I can't tell you how much better my thinking and mood have improved in just words alone. I can't see going back to using it.

On another note, I also noticed signs of hypoglycemia. That was attributed to the caffeine at first. I don't have those symptoms now either. I'm told that Splenda does NOT have any effect on insulin levels in the body. However I am very suspicious that insulin production may be a little more complex in that your brain may sense 'sweetness' and act accordingly by sending chemical signals to the pancreas anyway. I have NO proof of this and have not found any relevant research on this topic.

All of this may be attributed to other factors but I am stating that cutting out Splenda altogether has seemed to restore things back to normal. I'll not be ingesting it again.

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With a background in chemistry, I am sure the process of the chlorine inserted into the sugar molecule in Splenda is most disturbing to you.