Topic: Big Corporations: Whose Interests Are At Heart?- Part 1

Excerpt: From Dr. Janet Starr Hull Did you know that Monsanto Chemical Company owned both saccharin AND aspartame? Interesting little tidbit, huh? Here's another one - Monsanto Chemical Company's first product in 1901 was saccharin, and their first customer was the brand-new Coca-Cola Company. I think that it is important to... Continue Reading Big Corporations: Whose Interests Are At Heart?- Part 1 from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

Re: Big Corporations: Whose Interests Are At Heart?- Part 1

There is only one way to get rid of companies like Monsanto & their demonic products like aspartame & roundup and that is if we boycott all products in which their poisons are found. We will all regain our health and they will go out of business. We as consumers have a vote: where we put our money. Please, let us all wake up and figure out that chemicals are not food.
I have been a mostly raw vegetarian for the last year. I gave up dairy & after reading Michael Pollan's the Omnivore's Dilemma, I gave up eating meat (have a look at the film on google: Earthlings....). Please let us wake up that there is a lot of great food out there that is really good for our bodies and that tastes wonderful too. Just bec something tastes good when we stuff our faces doesn't mean that is good in our bodies, like aspartame laced drinks or fake foods. The proof: aspartame has almost killed off some of the best of us including me. Years ago I did a protein diet prescribed by a doctor. Full of aspartame and soon I had mega tendinitis from which I suffered for 12 yrs.
Since going raw, I have lost 25lbs (that I battled with for 20yrs), with no effort at all. I bought a Magic Bullet and make the most fabulous green drinks. I have radiant skin and at 62 feel 25 yrs younger and look it too compared to a lot of my friends....
We have a way to kill off those evil companies: just quit buying their evil stuff and start eating real food. There is a lot of great info on the net re eating raw - there are great websites and great recipes. Especially for people who have health issues it is really world a try: have a look at this video - Dave the raw food trucker @ au can be done: we can be really healthy and we can be slim! It is all so easy - why did we fall for all that chemical food????