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Excerpt: I am often asked, "Do chemicals in our foods and medications cause autism? Will these chemicals ever be taken off the market?" My answer? "YES! Toxic chemicals DO affect and CAN cause autism, especially if toxic food chemicals are eaten during pregnancy or given to a child within the first... Continue Reading Toxic Chemicals DO Affect Autism from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

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YES YES and YES! So many of the neurological (and other) issues we face today from toxics! I am a toxic chemical brain injury VICTOR! In 1998--fumes and vapors from a  installation of industrial chemicals filled my Art Studio and I went to bed--thinking "oh..flu.." I woke up sick and blind and that was the next part of my life. MD's said I'd never get better and probably get worse. Permanently Blind, Permanently Brain-Damaged, Permanently Disabled. I was a lifelong Artist, Dancer, Holistic-by-Choice due to Growing Up on the Inside of US Medicine  (Daughter of a Pathology Prof) Peak Performance expert. Blind 5.5 years. Sick as a dog (MD's "didn't know" if I'd even live. Life become one big natural holistic detox. 4 years on supplemental O2. I GOT WELL AGAIN and I GOT MY SIGHT BACK! Wrote the book on the ART of Wellness, tell Stories of Wellness online, want to connect readers of my Zeeva's Wellness Weekly with you Dr Janet Hull! They write ME--I connect them with the EXPERTS--like you! This is crucial work and I'm SO glad to find someone like YOU who can help with hair analyses, kits, and more!! Let me know if you have a preferred way for me to LINK my site visitors and my base with you!

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yes you are right

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