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I started a new thread for the question because it got buried on it's original thread here...

Dr. Hull,

What alternative French Green Clay supplement do you suggest? (yours appears to be out of stock). I've done some searching and am a bit confused about comparable products. I did see one that came in capsule form and also included charcoal - but I haven't seen where you've mentioned charcoal being something to take.

Is there another brand of FGC that you could recommend?

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Thank you for your post. It was a hard decision to let the vitamins go for right now, but it was taking me so far off track with my hair analysis and my writing, I decided to stop offering them myself and am now searching for a company to meet my quality and expectations to market and distribute the vitamin line for me. I hope someone will surface soon.

For now, I am sending people to this link, and this will work for you.

I hope we have a new supplier soon, but for now, learn all you can about detoxing from my literature, and keep your program going. Consistency is the key to a deep tissue cleanse.

Charcoal is fine for detoxing, also.

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Hello. I bought the Swanson capsules of the French Green Clay.  I need to know the dosage for a young child weighing about 22 pounds.  We will be giving him the clay in applesauce 24 hours after his booster shots tomorrow.  He is 15 months old.  Does this only need to be done once?  Please answer as soon as possible so that I can get the information to his mother by in the morning. Thanks! P.S. I opened one of the capsules and measured the amount. It's not quite 1/2 teaspoon.

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Annie33, Beth has been emailing you, correct? Did you get her answer in time? One capsule in the morning or before bed on an empty tummy for two weeks. You are smart to detox him before and after those shots. I also suggest having your pediatrician split the shots into two or three separate doses. This way the body can handle them homeopathically. I did this for my children back in the 1980s. One son still had bad reactions, even when split into 1/3s. Can you imagine how he would have reacted if the one shot was full dose? A good, caring pediatrician should make no excuses and do this for you at your request. Better safe than sorry at the hands of a possible toxic reaction.

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Yes, Dr. Hull, Beth did indeed get the information to me in time.  She has been very helpful to me this week.  Thank you, Beth.  Dr. Hull, I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom in this area. It is priceless. Thank you.

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One of the best and natural ways to detoxify your body is by drinking lots of water. I don’t know why people don’t understand that fact. Water cleanses and flushes our all the toxins through your bowel movements and boosts the supply of blood and oxygen. It’s the best remedy.

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You bet. All living creatures on the Earth, plants and animals, were created to sustain life with water. Man-made drinks are just that, man-made, and that means unnatural to me. Drink mostly water, and when you veer to a cup or two of coffee or a glass or two of tea or juice, limit your consumption, and then drink water for the majority of the day. Pure water does flush the system, and keeps all chemical substances passing through you and into the toilet. Drinking natural Spring water provides trace minerals and other essential elements for nutrition, and drinking water can help curb your appetite.