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Dear Dr. Hull,

I am new to your forum and website, and wondering what is the single test for adrenal fatigue that I can do? I cannot commit myself to 24 hours urine testing or anything more than one single test for adrenal insufficiency. Do high plasma ACTH and low normal cortisol = adreno  - cortical insufficiency?

What is the best supplement for my adrenals?

You, probably, can tell that I am hypothyroid, and I would also like to know what do you think about Iodoral supplements for this type of condition. I am overweight, sluggish and my metabolism is just pure zero. I also take digestive enzymes with my meals.

Any help I would sincerely appreciate,

Thank you


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Well, you can go through the adrenal testing but at the end of the day, your doc will recommend an adrenal supplement anyway, so if you want to skip the testing, simply go to the health food store and get an organic adrenal support. Take that for two or three months and then stop. This should make a difference within a few short weeks, and you should feel more energized. If not, you may need to have a nutrition check to see what is going on at the core of your concerns.

I would have a hair analysis done, check your pH levels for ten days and average those out, and stop using all fake food chemicals and replace those with whole foods. Make sure you are getting to bed early enough to get a good deep sleep, exercise regularly, even if walking the cat, drink plenty of water throughout the day, and eat smaller meals more often - graze on little bites and light snacks more often.

Take a good multi-vitamin and mineral, and a B-Complex and vitamin C. See how you feel.

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I take a bottle of adrenal support every winter, and if I am getting sick, or feel sick, which is not very often since I found Dr. Hull's site.

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As with any supplements moderation is the key to wellness.

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I agree, and this applies to everything in life.

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So how much time do these supplements show in urine. I tried some steroids a few months back , with a doctors supervision of course. But haven't taken them for some time now.

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It depends on how long you took them, your state of health, and how much you took. They should be out of your system by now, but if they caused any damage, that might still be an issue.