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I have had an autoimmune disease for 16 years(sjogrens)  Typically I do ok with it,but this last year has been horrible.  Exhausted,aches everywere, flu symptoms,headaches....(well you know how I feel if you are on this sight)   Well, recently my husband was returning bottles and noticed how much diet pepsi I drank. (2 liters a day at least)

So I starting searching the internet about aspartame.  Finding Dr. Hull's sight has been very insperational.  Today is only day 4 of being aspartame free and I feel pretty much the same as before, but I am sticking w/ it I know ther isn't a quick fix,but I pray this truly helps me.  I want to be the person I was before mostly for my family.  It is so depressing missing out everyday activities,but reading everyones stories is keeping me hopeful.  Can anyone respond w/ their stories of how long it took to see changes in their health, I know everyone is different,but I am still curious.   And is french green clay safe for me w/ a autoimmune disease  I want to get these chemicals out of me!!!!!!! thanks.

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GO GAIL!!!!!!  You will return to your former self because I think you have hit the nail on the head.

Anytime ANYONE has health symptoms, especially such as these and aspartame and the other diet chemicals are used - ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS, remove that darn diet chemical and let your body feed off of the natural foods it uses to "support" its immune system.

The FGC should not harm you in any way, but knowing that your body has a weakness, you should always be cautious using anything. Nevertheless, as the aspartame comes out, don't be surprised if you feel flu-like and achy. THIS is how your body has felt all this time!!!

Give it six to 10 weeks. You WILL see and feel a miraculous change for the better. How can you not after removing the sweet poison?

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Hi Dr. Shull.

My name is Molly and I am 18 years old. I don't drink diet soda, but for the past three-four years I consumed a lot of aspartame. I used to drink diet soda, I chewed about a pack-2 packs of sugarless gum a day, and put splenda in my coffee. Now I am really trying to give it all up, gum is by far the hardest. However, I am experiencing symptoms that are really frightening, and they started about a year ago. I get random muscle jerks, frequent blue orbs that flash in my eye, I was diagnosed with a floater, high anxiety, swelling in my throat glands and eye swelling, and random shots of pain/concentrated hot spots. I was really nervous I had a brain tumor for awhile, but after being told several times that this was an erroneous thought, I thought I might be a little crazy. These symptoms are very real, and I get nervous anytime they appear. I am going to detox from aspartame. I just wanted you to know that I am so glad someone is out there to help me CHANGE, there are too many websites with symptoms and very fatalistic attitudes, which ultimately just scares me and makes me feel defeated.


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Molly, the aspartame dangers and symptoms are very real, and the ones you have been experiencing are common to aspartame use. Of course you can restore your health. I did, and thousands of others have, too.

Read all your labels carefully and avoid all aspartame and the other diet sweeteners. Return to eating and drinking real foods - don't be afraid of real food. Just eat smaller portions.

Detox and take a multivitamin to restore the nutrients diet chemicals rob from your body. Just start your life over with confidence.

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Hello Dr Hull, I'm new and desperate for a solution to my wife's Restless Leg problem, each day at usually teatime (UK) she eventually has to end her meal walking about to try and get some relief from this problem.
Aspartame does not exist in our house and I feel our doctor is at a loss as to a solution, at present she is on Ropinirole Hydrochloride tablets 2mg x 1 upon retiring but they don't appear to be of any use.
Her diet includes a lot of fruit especially grapes which I have wondered about.
She is 77 years of age and has a colonostomy.
I wonder - have you any ideas?
Kind regards

Ron Pearson

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Ron, with something this serious, or potentially serious in the future if not resolved now, I suggest letting me do a hair test on her to see if she has a load of toxic metals behind this, and what nutrients her body may be depleted in. Once these are restored, they provide the body's immune system with the tools needed to remedy this on its own.

Something is causing this, no doubt. It's important to uncover what that something is.