Topic: Q & A with Dr. Hull - March 2010

Excerpt: ACE-K Q: Hi. My daughter and I are concern about the acesulfame-k in the product FITLINE. The people selling it say it's too little to worry about. Please advise. Regards, from Australia. A: Ace-K is made with methylene chloride used as a solvent to make the sweetener. Methylene chloride is... Continue Reading Q & A with Dr. Hull - March 2010 from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

Re: Q & A with Dr. Hull - March 2010

I have a question regarding the expiration dates on cans of coke and other sodas containing aspartame. Coke says it's only a reference point. does aspartame become more toxic if the cans are grossly out dated.
thank you ,Darrel

Re: Q & A with Dr. Hull - March 2010

To me, an expiration date IS a reference point that the product is no longer safely consumable after that date....these corporations just don't stop, do they????

Actually, aspartame becomes more toxic when it has been exposed to temperatures of just 86 degrees F. The methanol releases from its bond with the two amino acids in the diet sweetener. So, not only are the two amino acids more potent, but the methanol is free methanol now.

So, yes, the diet colas are toxic in many ways. Good post, BTW!