Topic: Child's Aspartame Case History

Excerpt: Name: Austin K; City: Naples; Age: 12; Sex: Male; Aspartame Consumption: Since May 2009; Health symptoms started after consuming aspartame: Yes; Diet Products Used: Diet sodas and diet Kool-Aid; Do you use Equal: No; Are you aware of products not labeled sugar-free: No; May we include your case history on... Continue Reading Child's Aspartame Case History from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

Re: Child's Aspartame Case History

I have had type 1 diabetes for 33 yrs. I am 38 yrs old and my 5 yr old daughter was recently diagnosed hypoglycemic.  She had also what I thought were actual seizures. She does not consume Any artificial sweeteners because they caused tumors on her face & internally. I now know that pharmaceuticals cause her B vit depletion which causes a bs of 80 & seizure like activity. The docs can tell me all day long what is a normal blood sugar and they keep lowering t for some unknown reason. I can say at 6-7 yrs old, if I was below 80, I had symptoms of lows. They are changing their treatment to fit the data/statistics that individuals with diabetes are reporting & I will say this: I have not met one diabetic (& I have 2bros with it) that give correct blood sugar lists to the doc. If I had followed doc orders when I was pregnant wi my son, neither of us would be alive (yet the docs sd I followed their rules well to have such a perfect sized baby) haha! I didn't tell them cuz they never want to hear it. Even tho they read it in a book & I experience it every second of every day. My conclusion, seizures r a "made up" syndrome caused by medicines. Probably why they have no clue where they come from. But I am not a doctor wink