Topic: Aspartame to become AminoSweet

To change the bad image Nutrasweet has created for themselves, they are changing the name to AminoSweet to show that it's made from two amino acids. Therefore, it must be good for you now right?
I haven't had anything with aspartame in it since I discovered, on my own, that what my doctor thought might be bone marrow cancer was really just aspartame poisoning.  I had begun drinking diet Coke shortly before I started getting pains in my right leg.
My doctor warned me against waiting "too long" to get a bone marrow test in 1990 and would not believe it was aspartame related. Haven't had a problem since quitting the "diet drink roulette."
I lost a friend to bone marrow cancer a few years ago. Every night, for years, he'd have a rum and Coke made from Diet Coke and wouldn't even discuss with me the aspartame danger. Is there a connection?, I believe so.
Congratulations to all who've realized the dangers of aspartame and keep warning the world.

Re: Aspartame to become AminoSweet

Love your post! My disease diagnosis (a bogus one, too) was in 1991, and I have enjoyed perfect health ever since, too. I am sorry for your friend, but you got well dumping the aspartame, and he did not. Sadly, there was a connect there, no doubt.

Aspartame will adversely affect any part of the body that it can come into contact with. I used to have severe shooting pains up my right leg only when I was drinking Diet Dr. Peppers. I have NEVER had one pain since I detoxed that poison from my body 20 years ago.

Interestingly too, many people using aspartame complain of sore feet first thing in the morning upon waking. That all goes away when the aspartame is stopped.