Topic: Aspartame in Chewable and Gummie Multivitamins

I am in shock after finding out I have been giving my daughters Aspartame almost all their lives.  Could it be possible that their eyesight was affected by it?  Both of them need glasses (they cannot see far away things) which I found weird since my husband and I have had perfect eyesight.  Also, both of them were having nose bleeding.  My older daughter started later taking the chewables and stopped first since I changed them for teen multivitamins and her eyesight didn't get worse.  On the other hand, my youngest started earlier and was still taking them until a couple of days when she was reading the ingredients and saw that they had Aspartame!  Her eyesight is worse than her sister's.  She also would have stomach aches, and sometimes she would start complaining about bone aches, like legs, ankles, knees... Could it be Aspartame?  When she was having nose bleeding, the doctor took some blood tests but they couldn't find why this was happening.  Is it enough that I just don't give her the chewable multivitamins anymore?
Thanks for any info you can give me...

Re: Aspartame in Chewable and Gummie Multivitamins

Don't be too hard on yourself, mom, but yes, this could be the cause of their weakened eyesight.

Avoid giving them ALL food chemicals, but especially the diet sweeteners. When you teach them how to eat fresh and natural, how to buy fresh and natural at the market, and how to cook fresh and natural foods, you will have given them one of the best gifts a mom can provide her children.

Do find a whole foods vitamin at the health store or whole foods market. You get what you pay for - quality vitamins are good as gold.