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You have opened my eyes. I've heard that Aspartame was bad for you but I didn't want to read it myself because I loved drinking my Diet Coke. I was drinking about 2 to 4 litters a day.

It became habit. I did have vision problems which I thought were normal due to age. I'm about to be 37. I'm always sick and I'm always getting severe headaches which I could not find the issue.

Till today I looked at my soda and started to read what I found on this site and it opened my eyes. I had one litter of diet coke at work ready to drink, it was nice and cold. I told myself this will be my last drink. I already had a 1 litter in the morning.

I figured this would be my last one. I told my wife about what I found and that it would be my last. She said please give me the soda. I told her, this is my last one. She went to the Kitchen and got me something healthy to drink. I told her this was my last soda.

She walked away and I realized at that moment, my last soda is what I had in the morning and my way of breaking the habit was coming to this site. I gave her the soda and he poured it out. So I thank you and I will keep you updated on my progress. Today is day 1.

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Whoa - 2-4 liters a day???? That is too much, but you now know that! They were making big bucks off your addiction. Now you can spend your money on wonderful things, and now you can enjoy each day a little more clearly.

Please keep us posted, and we will all be supporting you with this. You have a lovely wife who loves you and cares about you. That, itself, is a blessing you have. She wants you to be healthy and there for her. Good luck to you both.


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I'm very happy to report that I still haven't touched soda since my first post here. I have stayed away from it. I wanted to grab it but I kept thinking about my health and my health is first.

I'm drinking water and juice and I'm very careful of what juice I drink and how much I drink because many juices have tons of sugar. Thank you again Dr. J Hull.

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You are welcome, but all the credit goes to YOU for sticking with it! What a wise and advanced human being you really are.....stay in touch.

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Hello, It's been more than a year and I was reminded today about Soda by a Friend who listed the dangers of soda. It reminded me how I found you. I'm still happy to report that I have not had any diet soda what so ever at all. My vision although at times can get blurry, I haven't had to use my glasses as much if not at all. Thank you again and I'm sure I will not fall off the wagon.