Topic: Radiation Contamination

I recently went looking on the Internet for some variations on cooking potatoes and came across an interesting blog entry that would be appropriate here.  I believe I remember reading that Dr. Hull has visited the Chernobyl area in Russia and perhaps she can expand on this part of the contamination of that disaster (1986).

The blog entry was from a young person that was serving in some sort of assistance program for that area (Peace Corp type of program).  Naturally the subject was on potatoes and in that area, the Ukraine, they were told not to prepare the potatoes with the skin intact and to peel them first.  This was because the soil was still contaminated from the disaster and was absorbed into the skin of the potato.  Unfortunately the blog entry was very brief with not date of the Ukraine visit.

If this were the case should any special handling procedures be considered?  What would the penetration (depth) be into the

Re: Radiation Contamination

The half life is decades, sadly. Yes, the soil will absorb the fall-out, and since Chernobyl is covered in a landfill of FGC, it surely wouldn't hurt to put the clay in the soil, turn it, and let the soil lay fallow for a few decades.

As an engineer, I personally believe that much of the Mad-Cow in Europe was from the farm animals eating grasses exposed, and from being exposed themselves. I think this is what started Mad Cow Disease.

How far into the potato? The largest concentration would be in the peel, but it would penetrate anywhere the potato received water, so all the way in.