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Managing Fibromyalgia: Diet
Some experts say diet may play a role in fibromyalgia

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That's a step in the right direction! If we can get more doctors on-board, especially pediatricians, then we will see some real healing again coming out of the AMA. Thanks for the post and the continued support.

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Some docs get bent out of shape because you, the lowly patient, are telling them about something they don't know. Their god-complex is shattered. As more doctors admit they are misinformed about aspartame, and the better doctors will, then this info will start becoming part of their bedside manner. Let's hope so anyway. Dr. Hull always says to shop your doc. I did. I fired mine when she refused to even listen to what I had to say. She didn't believe in aspartame poisoning or in Candida. I figured as a woman she'd be more open minded. Nope. I found a doctor who does believe in both, and I trust that doctor now.

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I went to my Doc yesterday and told him about Aspartame and the effects it has had on me.  He seemed to know a little about it, which is good.  I told him to jump online and research it as there is alot more to know about it, he seemed interested and hopefully he will look into it more.  And if he does maybe he will spread the word.  One can only hope.

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nash wrote:

She didn't believe in aspartame poisoning or in Candida.

My sister got a severe case of systemic candida infection after a round of antibiotics. Her doctor didn't believe there was any such disease and called her a hypochondriac. She suffered for 3 years figuring out what it was, pretending it wasn't real, then eventually restrictive diets and trying various "cures" that didn't work.

Finally I convinced her to drink shots of live vinegar, which I do to combat indigestion, heartburn and just if I don't feel well. Lo and behold it helped! She was amazed at such a simple solution to an impossible problem. However, eradicating candida from other parts of the body takes some time.

Live vinegar has the fermenting bacteria in it, often called "The Mother", which may be written on the bottle. However, she hated drinking vinegar, so I turned her on to Kombucha, which is a sort of vinegar specifically brewed to be drinkable. It is sort of expensive at the natural store, so she has mde a hobby of brewing her own using gallon jars in various stages of fermentation. After 4 months of Kombucha her candida is well under control and she feels better than she has in years.

Your stomach always contains candida bacteria, it is used in the breakdown of sugars and starches. However, antibiotics can knock out the competing bacterias that keep the candida from taking over. When that happens, the candida spreads to other parts of your body. Especially after eating sugar and starch, which feeds the candida bacteria and causes an outbreak of symptoms.

BEWARE! There is a popular disinformation campaign out there to promote "alkaline" foods, and preaching a gospel that your body should be alkaline. Ironically, all these hucksters are males who apparently do not realize that female bodies need to be (relatively) acidic. Only 2 nights ago on Coast to Coast radio show, George Noory had a man on who blithely told millions of listeners to use litmus papers to test their saliva and then alkalize their bodies with some diet. What they don't mention is that candida thrives in alkaline bodies and loathes acidic bodies. This is why candida affects mostly female bodies and only rarely male bodies. Females who are overly alkalized are susceptible to candida outbreaks. This is also true for the other kind of yeast infections.

Our horrendous modern diet is strongly alkalizing. Sugars, starches, food additives, digestive aids and medications all seem to encourage excessive alkalinity. "Antacid" has been the accepted way to combat stomach discomfort for decades now, usually as a result of eating highly acidic Italian tomato sauce together with highly alkaline pasta (a ridiculously volatile combination, by the way). Meanwhile, our historical diet of acidic marinated foods has been ridiculed and people have been told that sour is evil and tastes bad. Even when they extol the virtues of the "Mediterranean diet", experts cite the value of legumes and chopped vegetables, completely forgetting that such a diet is high in fermented acidifying foods, vinegar marinades and citric acid.

In case you haven't noticed by now, all alkalizing foods are sweet, starchy and  profitable for some corporation. That is the economic bottom line that drives our epidemic of candida and metabolic disorders. You have to return to a primal diet of fasting, acidic foods and keep off the additives, medications and fun food. Ironically, invention of the refrigerator is a main culprit, because we have all forgotten how tasty marinated food can be. Take a look at any primitive people living in a hot climate and you will see crocks of food in vinegar marinade. It wasn't just a way of preserving and softening the food, it was also maintaining digestive chemistry.

As a curative, live vinegar and Kombucha replenish your stomach's natural acidifying bacteria and retroactively acidify your stomach after eating too much starch or sugar. Very simple diet yet hard to accomplish, since we are flooded with starchy sweet junk food every day. But the ideal solution is to integrate a balanced chemistry into your everyday meals. More unprocessed grains, legumes and halfcooked vegetables, preferably marinated in vinegar for a few days. Just get the balance right between alkaline and acid, the candida bacteria will stay in your stomach where it belongs.

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You know I have so many people think I have made a typo when I write that the ideal pH for the human body is between 6.4 and 6.6 - they think I meant to say 7.4, which is the pH for blood. I agree with you that striving to be too alkaline is not practical. The human body is full of natural acids, and to try to keep your pH above 7.0 is ludicrous. It's impossible to do for one thing, but alkalinity is a dehydrating state, and when we die, we are alkaline. Acids are necessary for body function, so to try to be too alkaline isn't realistic. Most processed foods are dead anyway, hence alkaline. A balanced diet is the way to go, and testing the pH is good for people who have pH swings.

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Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing this with our readers.

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