Topic: bad skin outbreak during detox

Hello, I took the seaweed extract "Modifian" for 2 months and started getting a terrible outbreak of eczema like symptom around both ears and now has spread to my neck. I have many amalgam fillings and I think I am very toxic because I also had some very bad intestinal cramps.

I quit takikng the modifilan a couple months ago and still have the skin outbreaks. I am wondering what to do now!

Please Help?!

Re: bad skin outbreak during detox

Let me do a hair analysis on you and we'll see what's going on inside of you. No point in guessing, especially when you were using a natural and healthy product in the seaweed extract, which I think rocks. You may be kicking the iodine in the seaweed out of your body due to toxins in the thyroid.

Let's dig deeper and see what those toxins are.