Topic: Wikipedia. Have you searched aspartame there????

I understand that it is easy to point the finger at side effects experienced, when there is no known or understood cause.  I personally feel that too much of one thing is a bad thing.  Limit your ingestion of any particular food to a minimum.  Variety is the key, there are so many foods and beverages to eat and drink.  Just use common sense and you will be fine.

Re: Wikipedia. Have you searched aspartame there????

Prioritize your poisons, I say. I just believe when people, particularly children, have toxic reactions to a man-made chemical compound that is not natural in any way, it should be DC'd from the market. Especially when academic researchers, not the corporate researchers, have proven it harmed their lab animals.

This shouldn't even be around to debate. Aspartame and the other man-made artificial sweeteners should have never been allowed this much exposure - EVER. For Pete's Sake think of the children who don't know healthy limits. This is an example of why our youth are over weight and extremely apathetic.