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Excerpt: Many of us have no idea if we are exposed to toxic chemicals. City dwellers are exposed to air pollution daily. Many farmers and ranchers are exposed to the by-products from pesticides and herbicides, and many of these chemicals find their way into the drinking water. Do you live near... Continue Reading Common Symptoms Of Chemical Toxicity: A-Z from Dr. Hull's free monthly ezine, The Healthy Newsletter.

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Wow, asmith, good article. I wonder how many people heed the signs (I live in Calif) posted saying there are known cancer causing agents here. We have them posted (by law) at all our auto repair facilities. I work at a corp office / tire warehouse and we have them posted there too. I know when our offices were located in the same building as the warehouse there were alot of times I sneezed. Now, in the new office building I don't really sneeze anymore. This article in Dr Hull's informative newsletter is food for thought for sure.


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Re: Common Symptoms Of Chemical Toxicity: A-Z

tsmog, you said it....with more awareness about the toxins around us, we can stop future exposure. With the radiation from Japan coming into our air, soil and water, we now realize that human mistakes - like building nuclear power plants on active earthquake fault zones - must be stopped and changed. Humans make a lot of mistakes due to sheer ignorance, but many mistakes are made from greed, and both need to be changed for future health and safety. The question now is will the greed trump ignorance, and will we actually make healthier changes? Let's all group together as consumers and make sure those changes are made!!!