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Hello. If this needs to be moved please do so.

After years of trying to live a healthy life on March 5 2010 I was told I have cancer. In a blur of instant doctor visits, blood tests. cat scans and x rays I was rushed into surgury to have the tumor removed. All this happened in 4 days.

How I got to this point was 10 months earlier I noticed a testical was increasing in size and texture...I asked friends, that was dumb. I went on line and everything pointed to a cyst or blockage with no mention of after 6 months I went to my doctor and the typical wait and see a specialist went into action, first ultra sound, and x ray. The results came back as inconclusive, and I had a few weeks until my specialist...during that time my testical started changing back to "normal" I figured it was a blockage and it cleared up, but I have this appointment coming up so I might as well see it through...

I went to see the doctor, went in his office and in 15 seconds after telling him I think things are ok, he tells me its a cancer.....gotta get me into surgery asap and have it removed.

Now the waiting for the results of the can go 3 ways.....1. it is not a cancer or it came out without any other growths, 2. it is a cancer, 3 it is a bad cancer....4 weeks later I find out that it was a cancer, but it is the better of the 2 to get...

Then I go to the BC cancer clinic...I get told so much. Basicaly I have to decide radiation, or chemo. I fortunatly have a friend who works in pathology on cancers so he explaines the treatments before I see the doctor. The doctor wants to radiate me...I ask him about chemo and he doesnt know alot about the new treatments and want to give me 5 chemo treatments or 15 radiation treatments.

What I wanted to know was the new treatment using carboplatin and only a single dose...also I wanted to wait until it is confirmed that there are more cancers in me...

After doing some research I found out that radiation in many cases will cause secondary cancers in my rectum, pancreas, stomach or bowls...chemo will destroy my immune system and make me sick...doing all this was just for preventive measures. And the chances so far are that I may not need anything.

I am waiting for my next ct scan and x ray...I think I will wait until it is confirmed that I need any type of treatments.

I am very lucky! I caught it on the early side...but had I not gone to the specialist the outcome would be alot different in the next 6-9 months.

I didnt know as a male we are supposed to check ourselves as often as women are with breast exams.

So all you guys do not be shy or ashamed to see a doctor if you feel some changes down there.

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Thank you for your post. This will be of value to many of our readers. Good luck in your recovery to perfect health.