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Hello, I have 28 years. I have a weight from about 7 years ago. When I get pregnant with my first child went up 35 kilos and not down more. My lowest weight was 69 kilos and the maximum is 108 kilos. Please anyone help me, sending me a diet...

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Many times detoxing helps with weight loss. Also, if yeast or Candida is present, this causes some weight gain around the tummy area. And after pregnancy, your hormone levels may not have returned to a healthy balance, which can cause weight gain or the inability to lose your pre-pregnancy weight.

I suggest detoxing, adjusting your diet to eat smaller portions more often throughout the day, re-balancing your hormone levels through foods and cremes, avoiding all processed foods and fats, and get some rest and exercise.

See if this helps.

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The truth is that there are Laura miracle diets. I struggle every day with being overweight, and I think I'm fine now, but I repeat it daily lunch. Healthy eating, exercise, professional help, and lot of will and faith. Learn to cook healthy food, I am already an expert, Entertain something else to distract you, one does not, what you like, crafts, music, social assistance. And above all, control your visits to the supermarket, go with a list and choose healthy food. Luck....

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What's the Laura miracle diets?