Topic: Perimenopause/Fibroid Issues Helped by Detoxing?

Dear Dr. Jan,

It's been many years since my last contact with you - I tell everyone I can about your research and to stay clear of aspartame.  It was because of your book,

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Re: Perimenopause/Fibroid Issues Helped by Detoxing?

Nice to hear from you. Lots to think about here.

1) Try to save your uterus; you are almost at the end of your uterine "cycle", so why in heaven's name remove it now?
2) I agree with Nora Coffey!
3) I recommend Hot Flash by Jarrow as a good menopause supplement, flax oil, extra B vitamins, possibly extra lithium (commonly low during menopause), thyroid nutrients during menopause, and progesterone cream the last two weeks of your cycle until they stop (I believe in using progesterone to balance the excess estrogen). ProgestaCare

Re: Perimenopause/Fibroid Issues Helped by Detoxing?

Hello Dr. Jan,

Thank you for the reply.  I will save up for the hair analysis.  It will be very helpful to have a comprehensive look at what's going on with my biological chemical balances - toxically and nutritionally. 

I was on compounded progesterone, but found it hasn't helped at all.  I had better luck 15 months ago using Arbonne's Prolief progesterone cream as far as reducing mennorhea.  I was on Prolief for 3 months, but my GYN was very upset saying that there is no way of knowing if there is a consistent dosage amount nor the sanitary, etc. conditions of the manufacturing lab.  So, I stopped and went to compounded progesterone cream.

I found with the compounded progesterone that my unwanted hair issue increased - have been dealing with this problem since puberty.  The compounding pharmacist told me that there wasn't any testosterone in the formula...strictly progesterone.

The use of natural progesterone is confusing.  Nora Coffey (HERS foundation) told me during a telephone consultation that it causes fibroid growth.  Apparently Dr. John Lee also retracted his line of thinking about use of natural progesterone for eliminating fibroid symptoms.

I'd like to try the Progestacare you recommend and is available at a local health food store.   Homeopathic Sepia helped some this last cycle  - anemia symptoms not as bad. 

FSH levels...I recently had a blood test for this hormone done on the 8th day of my cycle, which is 13.8.  Nora Coffey says it should have been done on day 1 to get accurate level as to how close I am to menopause.  GYN told me it didn't matter what day. 

Again, thanks, Dr. Jan.  Keep up the good work.


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