Topic: DCA --- Dichloroacetate

I have been reading about this for CANCER treatments.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  I have read that this kills the cancers.  I know that this is in the early stages of usage but why isn't it out there for everyone to try it out if they want to?  How can you get the GOOD stuff and not the crap or synthetic?

Re: DCA --- Dichloroacetate

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it is hard to say what to try or not to try - you want to try everything, and who can blame you?

But, the best way to approach healing from cancer, or curing it, is to determine WHAT caused it. The doctors typically can't help you with this because it takes time and lots of detective work, but YOU can do this for yourself, and I suggest searching until you can determine the cause the best you can. THEN decide ways to remove the cause to help the body heal faster and more effectively.

You can use natural cures alongside medical recommendations, too. But, I cannot say if DCA is a good option for you because I don't know what caused your cancer.