Topic: glucomannan

I just heard about a product called glucomannan.  It is supposed to be very good for overall health.

What can you tell me about this product and are there any side effects?

Thank you

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Re: glucomannan

Thanks for your post and for your question. I have never heard of this product, so I Googled it and stopped reading after the second sentence: Glucomannan is a food additive used as an emulsifier and thickener. ...

Stick with real foods and avoid anything that is a "food additive." If you are eating a balanced diet, eating smaller portions more often throughout the day, drinking plenty of water every day, and eating as naturally as you can at every meal, then you don't need these "bells and whistle" products.

I give products like this little attention and stick with the core vitamins and whole foods. That's good for overall health.