Topic: pascalite clay/exercise

Dr. Hull,

Is the aluminum in the pascalite clay a problem if you are trying to detox?

Also, I read on Dr. Blaylocks website to not do any aerobic exercise. I have been on the treadmill 3-4 times a week walking very briskly in order to sweat more of the toxins out. Should I being doing this or not?


Re: pascalite clay/exercise

The aluminum in all clay is a natural, organic form of the element found in nature. Remember that human beings have some natural aluminum in them anyway, and aluminum is found in foods, spring water, and rooted vegetables. The man-made, inorganic aluminum used in manufacturing is the form to avoid. In my opinion, if nature made the clay and man hasn't altered it, then I think it is fine. If man created the product in a lab and added replicated metals to it, I wouldn't use it.

Exercise - I interpret what Dr. Blaylock recommends as avoiding strenuous, hard-core, work-outs but not avoiding exercise completely. Exercising is healthy and if you "move your body" in a safe proportion to your fitness level, then exercise can help in detoxing. Exercise is healthy, even at less strenuous levels, so walk, swim, dance - do what you can healthily.