Topic: Sucralose vs Sugar

My Background:

I'm a Survivor of 2 strokes, 1 blood clot in May 2007, right hemi and 1 hemorrhagic in Sept 2008, left hemi.  Since my 1st stroke I've lost 106 lbs - 5'6 and 141 lbs today.   My BP now ranges from 95/65 - 117/77.  I am diabetic, however my A1C is 5.1 and I take no meds or insulin for it because of my permanent lifestyle changes with food intake and exercise.  I will probably be on BP meds for the rest of my life.  I have never had problems with cholesterol or blockages.  The clot was diagnosed as a result of not exercising for decades and being overweight.  My heart is in good shape, no problems having been diagnosed to date.  I exercise daily and I'm very strict with my nutrition.

I've been using 1-2 packets of Splenda nearly every day for just over 3 yrs with no detectable problems, however your site has raised an issue with which I will also discuss with my personal physician.

Dr Hull, my question:

In your opinion, would 1-2 tspns of sugar per day adversely affect my diabetes if I opt for that instead of Splenda and do you know how bad Splenda really is in that small of a daily quantity?  The only thing I use sweetener in is my daily breakfast bowl of oatmeal.

If more info is needed about my strokes/recovery please read my success story of both strokes/recovery at .

Thanks much!

Re: Sucralose vs Sugar

Iron Gimp - I would eliminate ALL food chemicals, including the Splenda. You have restored your health, and that deserves a great deal of respect. Maintain an optimal state of health, take all unnecessary stress off your body, and return to natural sweeteners. I suggest Stevia by NuNaturals, it is great and Stevia is used to treat diabetes in other countries outside the USA. 

Succanat is raw, unprocessed sugar cane, and it is a complex sugar and much better for anyone. Try using NO extra sugars or sweetness at all. Will extra cinnamon, fruit and nuts in your oatmeal satisfy you? And when in doubt, use regular sugar sparingly - it never hurt your grandparents like we see damage to humans today at the hands of processed chemical food additives.

Hats Off to losing your weight - that'll make a big difference to your future health. Now avoid the chemical sweeteners, and you're really good for the go!