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i'm a junkie...i recently got off opioids, after taking them for 15 years.  the withdrawal was brutal! and i refused medical attention, wanting to just do it on my own and get it out of my system!  it took a good 2 weeks.  the last stuff i was on was morphine-3 pills/day...i can't even remember the migs.  i was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago at age 35.  i quit drinking alcohol from age 42 to 48, then decided to "test the waters" again and , so far so good for the past 1 1/2 yrs.  my drink of choice is diet pepsi...i can easily pound a 12 pack in 24 hours/a case in 2 days.  my s/o; spousal equivalent has been bugging me for YEARS to quit the DIET PEPSI!!!!!!!  i have tried, but only last 2 days, maybe, at the most!  her birthday is this sunday and since we're broke, and she doesn't get into b-daze anyway...the BEST PRESENT would be to GIVE-UP THE SODA!!!!!!!  but, I NEED HELP!  i need a sponsor, or something!!  i read your tips about sleeping and stuff...baths?  scrubbing?!  loofahs?!  emergen-C?  healthy food, of course!  what else?!  is there a hot-line?  aspartame suicide prevention line?!  thanks!

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First of all: you are a great writer. Your words have life. You should consider writing.

Secondly: diagnosed with MS, it's only a matter of time before you hit the health wall using aspartame and any diet sweeteners. My friend Dr. Woodrow Monte has a video out on about methanol and how it causes MS. It's pretty basic science, and you are a smart guy - so, actually, I think you already know this. Woody has proven it conclusively, though.

Another friend, Cori Brackett, has a DVD out called Sweet Misery. She is a MS survivor - she kicked the aspartame and all methanol. Another very interesting story for you to watch.

Anything with methanol is going to harm you and make your symptoms worse over time. It's not the formic acid from the methanol, but the formaldehyde that affects you.

The diet drinks, and you do drink too many you know, aren't worth it in the long run. You're going down a very rough and rocky path - stop, turn around, and define what kind of control YOU want to take as opposed to letting the Big Corps and their junky products control you for the rest of your life. Obviously your s/o; spousal equivalent loves you very much to care about this; most people aren't as lucky to have someone so caring. Count your many blessings and put those first.

You are smart and creative enough to rise above this. Choose the High Road and dump the trash going into your body. You'll transform into what you have been searching for - chemically free for good.

I think this is your hot-line...stick with us.

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i was so hoping you would have replied by this morning!  thank you!  i was telling a new friend/supporter of mine yesterday what i was planning on doing, and added i wished there were treatment programs/meetings/sponsors for this sort of issue!  it IS an ADDICTION just like smokes, alcohol and every other mood/mind altering drug, eh?!  i recently went off opioids, after being prescribed them for the past 15 years!  the w/drawal was freakin' BRUTAL, and being the stubborn addict that i am, i refused help and white-knuckled it and was SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick for about 2 weeks!  i'd been on morphine pill 3x/day the final 3 months, so it was really, really in my's worse than heroin w/drawal!  seriously!  enough of that..sorry, i just repeated myself from what i wrote before.  i haven't slept since yesterday.  i'm getting really messed-up.  again, thank you for your suggestions!  i will look those names up and my new friend said i may call her for support.  whew!  i'm gonna soak and scrub for a bit, drink some healthy drinks and try to sleep...again, thank you, dr. hull, and have a safe holiday!

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Stay on track and keep us posted on your progress!