Topic: Disgusted to learn reason for my miscarriages: Equal/Splenda

I have had two miscarriages since 2006. Doctors were UNABLE to find a CLINICAL reason/explanation for them. I've been extremely healthy my entire life; other than migranes and cold/flu, my health has been excellent. Additionally, I've never even tried illegal substances and only drink socially. My whole family have normal, healthy pregnancies and children. Therefore, it has been a real mistery as to why I have not been able to carry to term, both miscarriages were in the first trimester and I had continued to use Equal/Nutra Sweet/and Splenda at least for 5-7 weeks into the pregnancies since like most women, I wasn't aware that I was expecting. Although I suffered from migranes since I was a teenager, they absolutely worsen in the past 9 years, which is when I started using artificial sweetners. I attributed he changes in my memory, skin, nails, hair, back and joint pains to just "getting older" (I'm 38). People used to tell me that I had the memory of "an elephant" and some even told me that I had "photographic memory". But I noticed a big change since 2005 or so, it bother me very much, but again, since medical tests (regular physicals and an MRI/CT-Scan) DIDN'T reveal any problems, I was just relieved and didn't give it further tought. Fatigue, even occassional shortness of breath followed, but I figured it must have been the extra pounds I put on during my pregnancies(25-45lbs Average) since I had to be in bed rest. In a way it feels "good" to find a CLINICAL/LOGICAL explanation for what has been happening to me, but it is also horrible to know that a "LEGAL" product made for human consumption has been poisoning my body for so long. How could this continue to happen as I write this?

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I am so sorry for your experience. The diet sweeteners kept my system so screwed up, I never had a regular period until I stopped using them in my late 20s. I'd used them all my life and have had problems with my periods all my life. Only now am I getting back to normal again. But, I am having trouble getting pregnant. I don't doubt that years of using the sweet poison really did harm me.

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Re: Disgusted to learn reason for my miscarriages: Equal/Splenda

The research shows that the lab animals given aspartame and sucralose had infertility issues, dead fetuses, and pups born with lower IQs. Using these diet chemicals during pregnancy is a very dangerous thing to do for the health of the growing fetus. Always err on the side of caution when pregnant.

If you wouldn't put it into the baby's bottle, then don't use it when pregnant.