Topic: Breast pain

I have been diagnosed with fibrous cysts in my breasts, which the doctors say is pretty normal.  I am 45.  Sometimes there is pain - a dull ache or shooting pains in my right breast.

I had an ultrasound done in December, and at that time decided to go off birth control pills.  I cut down on caffeine and stopped drinking diet sodas.

Beginning in May, I started a low carbohydrate diet and have lost ten pounds.  Bad news is I started drinking one diet Coke almost every day.  Coffee consumption creeped up from one cup back to two.

Since last week, the pains have returned in my breast.  I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday of this week.  Just thought I'd put this out and see what you all have to say.  Do you think there could be a correlation between the pains returning when I started to drink aspartame soda again?

Re: Breast pain

The lab rats fed aspartame developed breast tumors in experiments done as early as the 1960s. The Cancer Institute in Italy has proven twice that aspartame causes cancer. I do not believe in coincidence, especially when a known toxin, plus the pill, produce a toxic brew that has been proven to affect the breasts. A simple thing to do is stop all these chemicals and detox. Then see if these cysts shrink or completely go away. Nice solution to try, don't you think? Easy, inexpensive, and the results are awesome!

Good luck with this - let us know your progress.