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I have recently began detox after buying book download. I have spent a lot of time trying to get the right products. I have a question: I purchased Swanson french green clay (green illite clay) This is the clay capsules I have began with. I also ordered one from Herbal Remedies that is  Montmorillonite clay. I think the illite clay is the right one. Can you tell me if this is so?

I also want to add after just 3 days I feel lots better. I found this website months ago and stopped aspartame and that helped some but it wasn't enough. So as soon as I was able I began the detox.

For those reading this that are just starting or considering beginning I want to say that one of the most startling benefits has been renewed energy after only 3 days. I have suffered some and I am sure I will continue to do so, BUT my energy level has given me hope again that my quality of life can improve. 

Thank you Dr Hull for this precious gift.!

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Any of the illite clays are fine because they never harden inside of you, they simply powder. So these clays are just fine.

You are correct when you say that just removing aspartame may not be enough to restore the damage it has done. Most times, it is wise to detox the body and also replace the nutrients toxic chemicals deplete from your body.

Thank you for the encouraging post. It feels good to feel good again, doesn't it?

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can you take more than 3000 mg of FGC a day?

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The only negative thing that I see from taking more FGC than the body can handle is when the toxic load is high and the clay brings them out of your body in large amounts, your body might not be able to excrete them all at one time. Have you ever tried to pour sand into a funnel? You have to take it slowly or the sand spills over. This can be too much for some people at one time.

You can safely take 3000 mg or more, but break it into two or three doses a day if you find yourself detoxing too fast. This way, because it works soooooo well, your body won't have too big of a load to dispose of at one time.

Interesting how something can work so efficiently. But cleansing using the clay is one of the more effective ways to remove toxins. Nature knows what it's doing - all wild animals eat clay to remove toxins. Why are humans always the last to know???

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yeah that makes sense..thanks for the info!

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