Topic: Are these splenda symptoms?

For the past five years as I tried to be healthy on the Southbeach diet I was consuming products that contained mostly splenda but also some aspartame.

Three weeks ago I decided to get off of Splenda and  Aspartame. At the time I was having pins and needle type of pains (for the preceding three weeks) in various parts of my body. I thought it was stress related at first. Since removing these from my diet I have added these symptoms :depression, anxiety, continued parasthesia, twice had numbness in my legs and very itchy skin at times. They are less intense and less frequent but still remain with me. The depression is gone but the parasthesia and itchiness remains. Has anyone else experienced such symptoms and how long can I expect them to last? Thank you for your help.

Re: Are these splenda symptoms?

The pins and needles feeling is very common when using aspartame and the other diet chemicals. If your health symptoms have not gone away by now, you need to detox aggressively. A liver, colon, and heavy metal cleanse is probably needed. And you need to restore the vitamins that chemicals deplete from your body, so take some good supplements. Consider having a hair analysis done to see if other toxins are still present and to identify what nutrients that have not yet been properly restored. Go to to check it out. Fine-tuning your recovery should make a big difference.