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Hi again! I would love to know of any natural ways to get rid of a migraine.
I get something that my doctor called a "silent migraine". The first time it happened, I (and everyone around me) thought that I was having a stroke! I go completely numb on one side of my body, and have a pins-and-needles sensation. It starts in my fingers, spreads all up my arm, up my neck and face, in my mouth, throat, tongue, and everything- but only on one side! But the scarriest part is that I am unable to form words when this is happening- if i try to speak, all that comes out is a bunch of noises! I have been in the ER twice with this, and they thought I was drunk at first, and couldn't figure it out the first time (and just said it was a panic attack) but the second time, they finally decided it was a silent migraine. There is no headache, nausea, or sensitivity to light during these migraines. My vision becomes spotty and my depth perception goes way off!
I have been doing the full detox program for almost two months now, and these migraines have started up again! I had them annually for the past 4 years, but now just this week I have had two! I assume this is a layer of toxins being removed, so hopefully its the last i will see of them! They seem to only happen at night, sometimes just after I fall asleep (and they wake me up) but usually as I am just falling asleep. They keep me from getting the sleep that I need and I end up feeling terrible the next day; very tingly as if i have constant low blood sugar! My doctor told me to take tylenol or ibuprofen, but those both make me feel strange- as if my head is full of water- so I really don't want to take them!
So Dr. Hull, (or anyone who has experienced this) if you have a natural remedy or ideas, it would be sooooo helpful! I would love to hear personal experiences too! thanks

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I had my first migraine at 36 years old when I used aspartame in NutraSweet in Diet DP for the first time. I didn't even know they were migraines because I had never had one before then. After I stopped using aspartame, I never had a migraine again. Occasionally, if I get into something with isolated amino acids, such as the aspartic acid in the health product Emergen-C, I get a small migraine sensation. So, start searching for anything that you are eating or drinking, or taking as a medication, containing isolated amino acids. This may be the trigger.

When consuming any product with amino acids, make sure there are at least 8 amino acids in the ingredient list.  Products with just two or three amino acids can trigger this.

Yes, during detox many symptoms get worse as they exit deep tissue and/or the brain. I think this, combined with something you are using with too few amino acids, is triggering this sensation.

And, take Holy Basil before bed to get a really good, deep sleep.

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Ok, so then will the label specifically say "isolated amino acids" or are there some code words i need to look for?
So far, the only thing i can think of, that i didn't know all the ingredients of, was lunch at Panda Express. I just had steamed veggies and mandarin chicken, which i have had many times before. Never had any problems before, so im still thinking it must be one of those old aspartame symptoms coming back up with the detox!
I will have to get some Holy Basil and see if that helps me get a good restorative sleep!