Topic: Avoiding Aspartame

Is Aspartame difficult  to avoid in products? From my understand of aspartame products such as sugar free (diet products) and sweeteners am I correct?.

Also am I right in thinking that original Ribena does not have aspartame in it?.


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Re: Avoiding Aspartame

Anti-Chemicals - Your goal IS achievable! Ditching the aspartame will be one of the best things you can do to restore your health. It is a toxin and was from the start. One day the whole truth about aspartame will be well-known, and when that time comes, so many diseases will no longer be epidemic.

It is difficult knowing if aspartame is in a product these days because they put it in things that are not sugar-free and in products not labeled sugar-free. So you have to read all the labels on everything you buy anymore. It's in medicines, too, so ask your druggist what is in the medicine you buy.

Turn the product over and read the ingredient list on the back and look for Caution: Contains Phenylalanine or Caution: Phenylketonurics. This will tell you aspartame is in the product.

I do not know if the original Ribena had aspartame in it, but it is a product made by a Big Pharma company (GlaxoSmithKline), so it had plenty of other chemicals in it from the start.