Topic: I am still in shock about Splenda.

I have been using Splenda for about 5 years!!! My heath has been going down hill and I never thought of a connection. How I thought to look up splenda is because My husband and I just bought a Blendtec blender so I can do the green smoothie because of my health problems.

My immune system is very very bad, I get sick all the time. Sometimes I think my friends don't believe me.

My menstruation is a horrible and painful experience. I have just been through an outside/inside ultrasound and a biopsy to check for uterine cancer.
My cycles are painful and heavy.

I take a beta blocker due to a valve problem and it seemed as if my heart medication stopped working, my heart has been beating so fast and hard.

I can't sleep and a doctor had to prescribe Ambien for me to try and get over insomnia (he said I had insomnia probably because of my dog passing away). meanwhile put on an antidepressant and Klonapin for anxiety.

I have migraines all of a sudden, for a few years so bad I end up in bed for 3 days. One time so bad I thought I was having a stroke and well just was going to let happen what ever was going to happen.

I also have weight gain, I use a cross trainer 40 mins a day 6 days a week, eat two salads every day, am a vegetarian, eat low calorie and have lots of veggies and fruits. I avoid processed food but I didn't avoid Splenda (I feel like such an idiot). In fact I never thought twice about it.

Heck I made my own bean burgers and cooked everything from scratch with wholesome healthy foods.

Joint pain and out of the blue, stabbing pain in some organ (side and back) .. not sure. Head pain besides the migraines, back pain, tingling and numb feet and hands.

A rash on my hand and one foot that will not go away.

Lots of anxiety. Can't get my life in order because I feel like I can't function.

So after the blender was bought I remembered that the demonstrator had agave nectar on the table and thought to google that to see if it would help me and I ran into a "splenda was not safe website". I then googled splenda and found this site and have been reading. The first day I read this sight I threw away all my splenda , plus my light salad dressings .

It is day 4 and I already feel a difference, no headaches in 3 days that is a miracle for me!!! The diarrhea has stopped. And my head feels clearer! but the most important thing is my heart is quiet!!! it is not banging out of my chest.  My Dry cough is a lot less bothersome.

I am hopeful because it has only been 4 days, I hope to see more improvements. that God for this site, I feel like there is hope.

Chicago, Il

Re: I am still in shock about Splenda.

You are on target, Kay. It's hard to believe that our wonderful country can't quite get the courage to stand up to the "big money" for the sake of saving people's lives. But as we are all figuring out, Big Pharma runs just about everything - the mainstream media, the lobbyists and our elected officials, the AMA and the doctors, just about everything. Until they are stopped, everyone in America has a price tag - junk foods and the medications needed to counter their side-effects are too profitable for Big Business to resist, it appears.

It sounds as if you have been getting into some aspartame also. I am pretty positive it has been in some of the sugar-free packaged foods and condiments you are (were) using. The combination of the various chemical sweeteners plus the food preservatives, food dyes, MSG, this and that chemical doo dah used to dilute the our food for profit - well, you were a victim of America's low-standard food manufacturing.

Now, you can restore your health. Believe me, Kay, you have just changed your life for the better!  Keep up the good work. It's a sad day to admit this truth, but you have been a victim of advertisers and corruption.