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I have been on detox for about 1 month. I started parasite cleanse last week. I take 1 tablespoon organic flax oil in the morning. I am waiting for a colon clease from empirical labs fiber cleanse. I am on other recommended supplements.

I am now taking only 100 mg niacin because I had a extreme reaction to 400mg. The dizziness was so extreme that I was afraid I was going to pass out. I crawled to the kitchen for a ginger ale to try and stay consious. No heart pounding but soaked with sweat shaking as well.

My question I get a flush now on my arms at 100. My instincts are telling me to stay at 100mg 5 days a week but, am I getting necessary benefits? I noticed some pain returning to my arms.

I can't get a loose bowel with vit c. I am at 17 caps of  1000mg (from Nature's Way as recommended). Should I increase flax oil or continue to increase vit c? I did switch to european clay that is powder that I mix with water and I am comfortable with this and I have one good bm in the morning. I have also cut out all breads I only have brown rice at this time.

I think I need to try and get the hair analysis done sooner than later. I am starting to suspect more than aspartame. We have an old farm house and 4 years ago I handled a lot of materials that are used in remodeling. We had no lead paint in the house but the outside of the windows were painted with lead paint so I know I have had this exposure. Even when you try to be careful it's impossisble not to come in contact while working.

I can add though that I am sleeping better some nights and I have had some better days than I have had in quite a while.

One last question I have had a really bad back for years and it has flared up badly. Could this be connected to supplements? Are my nerves waking up or do you think I had toxins there that are coming out. I am going to try and get an adjustment this week.

Thanks and Bless you
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Wow, did you just jump straight to 400mg, or do it gradually?! I know i flushed at 300mg, but i didn't have the incresed heart rate either; just an intense burning sensation, and redness on my arms, chest, and face. But i had split the dose into two 150mg doses a day, and flushed after the second one. I hope you didn't take that 400mg all at once!
And I also hope that you have some good source of fiber, since you have taken out bread and rice... i prefer oatmeal (with cinnamon), which also helps stabilize my blood sugar throughout the day! Keeps those crazy dizzy spells away! Im hypoglycemic, and i had similar episodes to the one you had after taking niacin, just because i let my blood sugar get too low from not eating! Gotta be careful with that! Though I suppose more severe toxins will trigger more severe reactions and symptoms!
I was also up to 1500mg for vitamin C at the beginning of the detox, and i think its even safe to go to 2000mg!
Oh, and you probably should avoid the ginger ale if it has corn syrup, go for pure fruit juice instead (for quick sugars), or better yet almonds for quick protein!
And one last thing; I can confirm that the detox brought back ALL of my old symptoms! But it should be the last you see of them; You just have to push through and stick it out!Im sure Dr. Hull will reccomend a hair analysis, to find out what is causing these terrible symptoms! Good luck to you and God bless!

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Hi traceyryan and thank you for your post. I did work up to it. Thanks for the tip on soda. But I don't usually drink them. I use a juicer but couldn't at that time. But I think I will add a container of oj to fridge for these times. I need to add it to my yogurt and flax oil anyway.  I do eat brown rice and raw veggies for fiber.

I had another intense reaction to niacin. Not as strong as before but still too strong. I thought about a previous post I read and checked my multi and complex b. I am already getting from 125 to 150 mg a day. So my new plan is that I won't add the additional niacin to my daily routine.

I ordered the ph balance so I will start on that in the next couple of days.

I cut my vit c to 5 grams a day for a while. I'm going to Dr Hull newsletter and see what she takes every day. I can always up it later if necessary and I feel like my body needs some rest.

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linmatsp - Tracey is a hair analysis client of mine, so she is speaking from experience! She is a model "student" and knows her stuff from personal detoxing. Your instincts are right - give this the time needed for your body to work the tools you are giving it. As fragile as we really are, our bodies can take a lot, but sooner or later, toxins will wear it down and it takes weeks, months, or years to sweep it clean of unnatural chemicals. It never hurts any of us to detox for our lifetimes when you think about it. We clean our clothes, houses and cars all the time. Why not clean the inside of our bodies forever?

Whatever toxins have been deposited inside of you are now coming out, but you may have years of old, hardened layers of metals packed in your tissues, so as the niacin and the other detox vitamins begin to loosen and lift them out of your body, just ride with the ups and downs.

Many times, detoxing comes in layers, and when one layer is metabolized, you feel it more. As a deeper, harder layer of toxins comes up to be removed, the symptoms stop for a while, until the detox vitamins begin to break it apart. Then, your symptoms return, and you start the process over again - layer by layer.