Topic: Need some Advice


I'm a 20 year old student, I've been drinking diet pepsi since I've been 4 and I wanna know how I can stop with feeling as little strain as possible on my body. I tried to stop before but I started having problems with Bowel Movement, fatigue and lack of energy to even do anything. I was wondering what people suggest I do to get started?  Also how long does Detox usually take to get the chemicals out of my body?

Re: Need some Advice

Once aspartame has been stopped, the positive effects start immediately, but it can take up to a year to fully restore your body. You used it so very young and before puberty, and the diet sweeteners can affect hormone development. So, be patient, and do what is needed to give your body the tools to repair. Time, dedication, consistency, and belief are needed here.

Go to to research what works to detox aspartame's toxicity and restore healthy nutrients.